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Descal-A-Matic is a company specializing in magnetic, non-chemical, environmentally-green water treatments for preventing and eliminating hard water scale and corrosion problems in water handling systems.

The Descal-A-Matic Descaling Devices can be used to treat autoclaves, sterilizers, steam generators, humidifiers, vacuum pumps, flushometers, water distillers, and more. Descaling equipment can lead to longer life and lower maintenance and repair costs for equipment in the future.

Hard water and mineral buildup can lead to inefficient heating, high energy costs, and low performance. The Descal-A-Matic offers a clean, chemical free solution to the common problem of hard water scale and corrosion in hospital autoclaves and sterilizers.

The Descal-A-Matic Descaling Unit consists of cylindrical permanent magnets with like magnetic poles forced together into copper tubes. This creates several magnetic fields within the tube. Minerals and dissolved solids in the water are neutralized when they pass through the magnetic fields, losing their innate ability to attach to heat exchange surfaces. With no chemicals or disposables, this unit is an environmentally friendly and cost-effective option. Each device is designed to provide more than a lifetime of descaling performance, making it the most reliable and cost-effective method of eliminating hard water scale and corrosion problems in water handling systems.

At MFI, we carry three Descal-A-Matic Descaling Units, the DC-6, DC-12, and DC-18. For proper sizing, please consult one of our customer service representatives.

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