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For over 80 years, Burton Medical Products has provided healthcare professionals with bright, clear, and versatile lighting systems. They continue to do so today, developing advanced and accurate lights for a variety of clinical environments. Their products now range from minor task lights to full surgical lights and powerful magnifiers.

The catalog of Burton Medical lights has a variety to choose from, with many shapes, sizes, and configurations. Many of these lights are available with floorstand, wall, table, single ceiling, or double ceiling mounts, to get the most versatility.

Types of Lights Available

Examination Lights

Burton Examination Lights come in a myriad of styles, from 3-bulb head lamps to powerful single spotlights. Whatever the needs of the office may be, there is a perfect Burton Examination Light to fit the bill.

  • AIM-50.
  • AIM LED.
  • CoolSpot II.
  • Gleamer.
  • Nova Exam LED.
  • Outpatient LED.
  • Outpatient II.
  • Outpatient II / CoolSpot II combination model.
  • Super Bright Spot.
  • Super Exam LED.
  • Super Exam 50.
  • Super Exam 50 LED.

Surgical Lights

Surgical lights are considerably more powerful or long-lasting, though some versions share the same brightness as examination lights. These lights provide high intensity light for accurate assessments and procedures in and out of the OR. The designs minimize shadows and other light obstructions, and are designed to accommodate for multiple people or crowded equipment.

  • AIM-100.
  • AIM-200 OR.
  • APEX.
  • XenaLux.

Task Lights

Task lights are designed for more personal or minor use. Caregivers can use task lights to read over documents, observe patients, or even allow patients to use the lights for personal use.

  • Carelite LED.


Magnifying lamps are ideal for use in close examinations or laboratory settings. These magnifiers are supported on adjustable arms that are drift-free for consistent use.

  • Epic Magnifier.
  • UV Light.
  • Wave LED.

Replacement Bulbs for Discontinued Lights

Burton Medical has discontinued a few series of lights, but replacement bulbs for these lights are still available.

  • SuperNova replacement bulbs.
  • LE-35 Halogen replacement bulbs.
  • Visionary replacement bulbs.
  • Genesis Plus replacement bulbs.
  • APEX replacement bulbs.
  • Genie II replacement bulbs.

Lighting Guide

For healthcare professionals who are unsure which light is best for their clinic or hospital, consult the Lighting Guide for "good, better, and best" choices for all medical fields.

Philips Burton Product Highlights/Lighting Guide

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