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The Stryker MX-PRO R3 Ambulance Cot (#6082) provides the advantages of the rugged Power-PRO's superior design and construction in a manually operated version. Includes a mattress, two lap belts, one four-point shoulder restraint, and a single wheel lock standard. Factory New configuration also includes a floor mounted safety hook.

Warranty: 1 Year - Parts and Labor.

Lead Time:

  • Certified Refurbished: Usually Ships in 1-2 Weeks.
  • Factory New: Usually ships in 2-3 Weeks.

The MX-PRO R3 Ambulance Cot (X-Frame Ambulance Cot) provides many of the distinct advantages of the rugged Stryker Power-PRO's superior design and construction in a manually operated version - combining proven performance with superior ergonomics. The R3 Ambulance Gurney's lightweight and simplified controls streamline emergency transport. This cot is similar to the Stryker MX-PRO Ambulance Cot, but features an expanded maximum load capacity.

The MX-PRO R3 is compatible with the Stryker Floor Mount Models 6370, 6377, or 6378, Stryker Wall Mount Model 6371, and the Ferno 175-3 Fastener Kit (#0001753F).

Stryker MX-PRO R3 Ambulance Cot Features

  • The MX-PRO R3 weighs only 81 lb, yet delivers a 650 lb load capacity (available in a 600 lb patient weight capacity as well).
  • Compact, easily maneuverable, it's shortest-in-class when the breakaway head section is folded.
  • Pneumatic Backrest: The advanced one-hand pneumatic backrest is a rugged innovation that ensures superior operator control and significantly reduces manual lifting. The MX-PRO's standard one-hand release assists the operator with lifting the back of a patient to any position which also delivers maximum patient comfort.
  • Easy-to-Use Release Handle: The easy-to-use release handle requires low force operation and short grip distance, especially appropriate for smaller operators.
  • Fold Down Side Rails: Fold down side rails are a rugged innovation that require no additional lateral space, providing full operation in confined areas for user convenience. Their low-force operation provides security in the up position and unimpeded access to the litter in the down position.
  • Break Away Head Section: The one-hand breakaway head section offers shortest-in-class dimension when folded, maximizing maneuverability in tight areas.
  • Floor Mounted Safety Hook: The distinctive floor mounted safety hook design significantly reduces the risk of cot drop incidents and potential operator or patient injury during the loading and unloading process.
  • Lift Capable Safety Bar: The lift capable safety bar delivers handling confidence through smart design and rock solid construction. Dual lift points readily support a full load and accommodate operators of all heights.
  • Larger Patient Surface: Stryker's standard larger patient surface easily accommodates a greater range of patient sizes, ensures optimal safety, and maximizes space between patient and provider alike.
  • Automatic In-Fastener Shutoff: The innovative shutoff function automatically disables the cot when locked in the cot fastener system for exceptional, dependable safety.
  • BackSmart Design: The revolutionary BackSmart design integrates innovative ergonomic features such as hydraulic lift, one-hand pneumatic backrest, and low-roll force over-sized wheels into our EMS equipment to minimize strenuous manual lifting and significantly reduce the risk of back and other related injuries.
  • Oversized Wheels: Heavy-duty oversize rear wheels require less roll force, providing safe, secure transport in challenging emergency situations for patient and provider alike.
  • Patented X-Frame Construction: Patented X-frame design defines proven performance and maximizes efficient operation for enhanced provider safety, patient comfort, and long term durability.
  • Powder-Coated Frame: Tough, highly visible yellow powder coating provides an extra margin of safety and withstands repeated power washings for decontamination. The finish eliminates oxidation.
  • Cot Fastener Compatibility: The MX-PRO R3 Ambulance Cot fastening system is compatible with every cot ensuring superior reliability and simplifying ambulance integration for added convenience.

Stryker MX-PRO R3 Ambulance Cot Specifications

  • Height:
    • Position 1: 13.5" (34 cm).
    • Position 2: 21" (53 cm).
    • Position 3: 25.5" (65 cm).
    • Position 4: 29" (74 cm).
    • Position 5: 32" (81 cm).
    • Position 6: 35" (89 cm).
    • Position 7: 37.5" (95 cm).
  • Length:
    • Standard: 80.5" (205 cm).
    • Minimum: 62" (158 cm).
  • Width: 23" (58 cm).
  • Weight: 81 lb (38 kg).
  • Wheels:
    • Diameter: 6" (15 cm).
    • Width: 2" (5 cm).
  • Articulaton:
    • Backrest: 2 - 73 degrees.
    • Shock Position: + 14 degrees.
  • Maximum Weight Capacity: Available in 600 lb (272 kg) and 650 lb (295 kg).
  • Minimum Operators Required:
    • Occupied Cot: 2.
    • Unoccupied Cot: 1.
  • Recommended Fastener System:
    • Floor Mount: Model 6370, 6377, or 6378.
    • Wall Mount: Model 6371.
    • Ferno 175-3 Series Fastener Kit (#0001753F).
  • Recommended Loading Height: Up to 32" (81 cm).

Stryker MX-PRO R3 Ambulance Cot Configurations

All configurations include a mattress, two lap belts, one four-point shoulder restraint, and a single wheel lock standard. The Factory New configurations also include a floor-mounted safety hook. The Certified Refurbished configurations have been refurbished to proper operating specifications and are in excellent condition.

Patient Weight Capacity (lb/kg)
Certified Refurbished 600 lb (272 kg) Mattress, two lap belts, one four-point shoulder restraint, and a single wheel lock. 
#MFI-SYK-MX-PRO-R3 Certified Refurbished 650 lb (295 kg) Mattress, two lap belts, one four-point shoulder restraint, and a single wheel lock.
#6082 Factory New 650 lb (295 kg) Mattress, two lap belts, one four-point shoulder restraint, and a single wheel lock, and floor-mounted safety hook.

Stryker MX-PRO R3 Ambulance Cot Accessories

The MX-PRO R3 Ambulance Cot is commonly purchased with:

  • #6082-140-000: Stryker Head End Oxygen Bottle Holder.
  • #6080-216-010: Stryker MX-PRO R3 IV Pole.
  • #6060-160-044: Stryker MX-PRO R3 Replacement Lap Belt.
  • #6060-260-045: Stryker Shoulder Harness Restraint.
  • #6082-128-010: Stryker Pocketed Head End Storage Pouch.
  • Mattresses:
    • #6090-041-010: Stryker Sealed Bolster Mattress.
    • #6090-042-010: Stryker Sealed Flat Mattress.

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