How LigaSure Revolutionized Surgery in the Operating Room

LigaSure™ is a tissue sealing system that delivers a unique combination of tissue sealing technology with monopolar and bipolar electrosurgery to create a consistent seal with each application. Perhaps the most unique and coveted features and benefits of the LigaSure system are its permanent vessel occlusion and its versatility, allowing surgeons to replace sutures, clips, and other ligation methods.

How LigaSure Shines in the Operating Room 

Advanced surgical tools, like the LigaSure tissue sealing system, give surgeons the power to perform ultra-precise surgical procedures. In particular, the LigaSure system provides permanent vessel occlusion, which provides surgeons with the ability to consistently produce permanent and reliable seals to veins, arteries, and vessels up to 7 mm. LigaSure also permanently seals tissue bundles, giving surgeons the ability to do so without dissection and isolation. Here are some additional benefits that the LigaSure system delivers:

  • Reduction in the occurrence of sticking and charring
  • Minimizes the need for multiple applications
  • Causes little thermal spreading during surgery
  • Precision that confines its effects to the target tissue

The exact mechanism that LigaSure employs is hemostasis by vessel compression and obliteration through the emission of bipolar energy. The seal is produced naturally with the patient’s own collagen. This means the seal contains no foreign material. This combination of pressure and energy to create permanent vessel fusion is unique, but the technology’s use has been widespread in the medical industry.

LigaSure’s application in surgery has grown tremendously since its origination. From lung surgery and esophageal cancer surgery, to dental surgery and veterinary surgery, LigaSure has become the gold standard for tissue vessel sealing.

ValleyLab LigaSure Vessel Sealing System

ValleyLab revolutionized the operating room and how surgeons perform procedures with the ValleyLab LigaSure Vessel Sealing SystemThe ValleyLab LigaSure Vessel Sealing System is regarded as one of the most revolutionary surgical tools of modern medicine, due to its vast benefits in the operating room and its array of applications in multiple medicinal fields. The technology developed by ValleyLab replaces almost all other hemostatic tools. The LigaSure Vessel Sealing System doesn't just ligate vessels like other ligation methods. Instead, it fuses vessel walls to create a permanent seal. With these incredible features, the ValleyLab LigaSure system has set the industry standard for vessel sealing.

valleylab ligasure vessel sealing system

LigaSure vessel sealing technology has been used in over four million surgical procedures around the world. In addition, over 200 clinical, evidence-based research studies have supported the application of LigaSure technology over traditional ligation methods.

A number of features have separated the ValleyLab LigaSure system from the rest of the competition, including:

  • Seals that withstand three times the normal systolic blood pressure
  • Feedback-controlled response system automatically discontinues energy delivery when the seal cycle is complete, eliminating the guesswork
  • Permanently fuse vessels up to and including 7 mm in diameter
  • Leaves no foreign material behind by using the body’s own collagen to reform tissues
  • Ultra-precise, reducing thermal spread and charring significantly

With the clinical efficacy, consistency, and reliability of ValleyLab LigaSure products, it’s ever-important to transform your operating room to include the LigaSure Vessel Sealing System in your arsenal of surgical tools.

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