CooperSurgical: Manufacturer Spotlight

CooperSurgical is a leading provider of medical devices and accessories needed for optimal women’s healthcare. These diagnostic tools and therapeutic devices can help keep women and mothers-to-be healthy in every stage of their life.

Serving Women’s Needs

What makes CooperSurgical’s catalog so unique is the sheer variety of tools and devices available, from colposcopes, to ultrasounds, and even C-section tools or sterilization. Laparascopy, Cryoablation, Hysteroscopy, and Neonatal Care are just the tip of the iceberg. Take a look at the top products that MFI carries for CooperSurgical:

Colposcope Collection

CooperSurgical is proud to carry Leisegang-brand colposcopes, which are incredibly versatile to fit any examination room or clinical space. Leisegang colposcopes are available in Optik 1 or Optik 2 models, with three to four configurations available for each.

The Optik Model 1 is an LED-powered colposcope that boasts powerful optics for 3D clarity. This model offers three-step magnification, made from durable and hand-set German optics. The Optik 2 model holds similar features, but can also be paired with a Canon DSLR Camera for recording exams for further study or patient records. In addition, the Optik Model 2 boasts optics with a 300 mm working distance and a powerful 24,000 Lux LED light source.  


The CooperSurgical LEEP PRECISION Integrated System is best for electrosurgical needs. The complete system kit includes the generator, smoke evacuator, and a convenient mobile cart. The cart allows for quick mobility around a clinic or treatment space, while the smoke evacuator is successful at eliminating 99.99% of odors during treatment. This keeps your space clean and comfortable for your patients.

Fetal Monitors

For keeping track of developing fetuses and the well-being of expectant mothers, the F9 Fetal Monitor is recommended. This fetal monitor is especially unique as it can differentiate heart rates between twins, and also between the mother and fetus for more accurate monitoring. Special probes are available depending on your particular use, whether for monitoring labor and delivery, or for a standard check-up. The monitor system features a 12-inch color touchscreen with identifiable color tracings between different heart monitors.

Why Choose CooperSurgical?

CooperSurgical has long been established as a leading provider of women’s healthcare products, to ensure that all women have safe, efficient treatments. As a “comprehensive source for women’s health care,” CooperSurgical is always striving to find or create the next best in technology. Feel free to call our team or explore our online store for more information on CooperSurgical’s products.

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