Coag-Sense: Leading the Way in Coagulation Monitoring at MFI Medical

Coag-Sense is at the forefront of coagulation testing technology, offering innovative solutions designed to provide accurate, reliable, and user-friendly patient monitoring.

MFI Medical is proud to offer a range of Coag-Sense products. Each product is designed to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of monitoring blood clotting (coagulation) for patients on blood thinners (anticoagulation therapy). 

This spotlight explores the variety of Coag-Sense products available at MFI Medical. We'll show how these products play a vital role in improving patient care and managing their treatment effectively.

Coag-Sense: A Revolution in Coagulation Testing

Coag-Sense stands out for its revolutionary direct clot detection technology, raising the bar for precision and accuracy in coagulation monitoring.  Their focus on user-friendly design, combined with cutting-edge technology, empowers healthcare professionals and patients with advanced yet easy-to-use testing solutions.  This dedication to quality and reliability makes Coag-Sense a trusted partner in anticoagulation monitoring.

Key Coag-Sense Products Available at MFI Medical

1. Coag-Sense PT/INR Monitoring Systems

Coag-Sense PT/INR Monitoring Systems at MFI Medical

Coag-Sense's flagship product, the PT/INR Monitoring System, offers unparalleled accuracy in prothrombin time testing, critical for managing patients on anticoagulation therapy.

Explore Coag-Sense PT/INR Monitoring Systems at MFI Medical

2. Self-test PT/INR Monitoring Kits

Self-test PT/INR Monitoring Kits at MFI Medical

Designed for patient convenience and remote monitoring, Coag-Sense’s Self-Test PT/INR Monitoring Kits empower patients to manage their therapy confidently and comfortably from their homes.

Discover Coag-Sense Self-Test PT/INR Monitoring Kits

3. Coag-Sense Test Strips and Accessories

Coag-Sense Test Strips and Accessories at MFI Medical

To support the accuracy and reliability of Coag-Sense systems, MFI Medical also offers Coag-Sense test strips and essential accessories, ensuring that healthcare providers and patients have everything they need for effective coagulation testing.

Check out Coag-Sense Test Strips and Accessories

Why Choose Coag-Sense Products from MFI Medical?

Opting for Coag-Sense products from MFI Medical means choosing a brand synonymous with accuracy, reliability, and innovation in coagulation testing. MFI Medical's selection of Coag-Sense equipment ensures healthcare professionals and patients have access to cutting-edge coagulation monitoring solutions that streamline therapy management and improve patient outcomes.

Coag-Sense’s Impact on Anticoagulation Therapy and Patient Care

Coag-Sense’s dedication to advancing coagulation testing technology significantly impacts the management of anticoagulation therapy. Their products not only enhance the precision of PT/INR monitoring but also offer patients peace of mind and autonomy in managing their condition, contributing to better adherence to therapy and overall treatment success.


MFI Medical’s partnership with Coag-Sense brings healthcare professionals and patients access to top-tier coagulation monitoring products. Whether it’s for in-clinic testing or at-home monitoring, Coag-Sense’s solutions available at MFI Medical can profoundly enhance the management and outcomes of anticoagulation therapy.

Discover the full range of Coag-Sense coagulation monitoring products and elevate your anticoagulation therapy management with MFI Medical: Visit MFI Medical for Coag-Sense Products.