Choosing the Right Surgical Headlight -MFI Medical

When performing surgical procedures, having the right lighting can make all the difference. In this blog post, we'll delve into three renowned brands—Burton, Heine, and Welch Allyn—and compare some of their top surgical headlights available at MFI Medical. Our aim is to guide you in selecting the best surgical headlight that meets your surgical needs.

1. Burton LED Headlight HL30

Burton LED Headlight HL30 - MFI Medical

The Burton HL30 is a compact, high-intensity LED surgical headlight providing 30,000 Lux illumination at 16". It is known for its comfort and lightweight design, enabling long hours of usage without fatigue. This model is also equipped with an adjustable headband for a personalized fit.


  • This LED surgical headlight offers high-intensity illumination resulting in enhanced clarity
  • It is lightweight and comfortable, thus easy to use 
  • Adjustable headband enhances convenience

2. Burton LED Headlight HL70

Burton LED Headlight HL70 - MFI Medical

One of the best surgical headlights from the brand Burton is Burton LED Surgical Headlight HL70, which offers a superior brightness of 70,000 Lux at 16". It boasts a highly adjustable light spot and headband, providing flexibility and comfort during extended procedures. The long-lasting battery life ensures uninterrupted use during critical moments.


  • Superior brightness
  • Adjustable light spot and headband
  • Long-lasting battery life

3. Burton Xenalux Surgical Light Complete Headlight System

Burton Xenalux Surgical Light Complete Headlight System - MFI Medical

This advanced and brightest surgical headlight system features a high-intensity Xenon light source and a comfortable headband design. With a cool beam and adjustable focus, the Burton Xenalux offers a perfect blend of brightness, comfort, and durability.


  • High-intensity Xenon light source that offers higher efficiency and provides more light than other halogen light sources, making it the brightest surgical headlight. 
  • Comfortable design with adjustable focus enhances the convenience of the wearer during surgeries
  • Cool beam helps in dissipating the heat produced during the lit-up sessions

4. Heine ML4 LED Headlight

Heine ML4 LED Headlight - MFI Medical

The Heine ML4 LED Headlight provides excellent brightness, adjustable spot size, and coaxial illumination. It comes with an integrated wireless charging system for convenient recharging. The flexible, adjustable headband ensures comfortable wear, even during extended use.


  • Excellent brightness with adjustable spot size for clear vision
  • The integrated wireless charging system keeps you away from the hassles of dealing with wires/cords
  • Comfortable, adjustable headband

5. Welch Allyn 460 Green Series Diagnostic Headlight

Welch Allyn 460 Green Series Diagnostic Headlight - MFI Medical

The best surgical headlight from the Welch Allyn is the Welch Allyn 460 offers cool, bright white LED light that provides superior color rendition for accurate tissue examination. Its comfortable, flexible headband and compact, portable design make it an ideal choice for diverse healthcare environments.


  • Cool, bright white LED light 
  • Superior color rendition helps in determining the true colors of parts under the light
  • Comfortable, flexible headband


Choosing the right surgical headlight largely depends on your personal comfort, the type of procedures you perform, and the light's brightness and focus flexibility. Whether you choose a Burton, Heine, or Welch Allyn headlight, it's crucial to pick one that provides excellent visibility, comfort, and ease of use.