Bovie®: Manufacturer Spotlight

Bovie Medical may not be a new contender in the world of medical devices and supplies, but their name has become quite synonymous with advancing surgical equipment. Since the company's inception in the late 1970s, Bovie continues to explore and offer unique surgical devices that cover a wide range of specialties. From electrosurgical generators to cryosurgery and medical lights, Bovie has everything a surgeon needs to outfit their outpatient or operating rooms with the latest technology.

Skin in the Game

Dermal flaws such as warts, skin lesions, or keratosis rarely go away on their own, but there are a variety of ways to go about their removal. Electrosurgical or cryosurgical methods of removal are the most popular, and Bovie provides treatment systems for both techniques.

Leaders in Electrosurgery

Bovie electrosurgical generators and high frequency desiccators, along with their attached accessories, offer high-quality and durable cutting and cauterizing for more efficient procedures. The Derm and Bantam PRO lines are the most popular, with consistent and economical electrical output. The Derm series of High Frequency Desiccators conveniently comes with complete treatment sets, including an autoclavable handpiece, a variety of dermal tips, and mounts for stability. The Bantam PRO also comes with a control pencil, handpiece sheaths, dermal tips, electrodes, and more.

Packages are also available that combine the Bantam PRO electrosurgical generators and a smoke evacuator, to prevent smoke and odors from causing discomfort during treatment.

Emerging Cryosurgery

Another method of removal that is rising in popularity is through cryosurgery. Bovie not only strives to offer the best in efficient cryosurgery tools, but also invests in the tools that benefit both patients and caregivers.

Freezpoint is a disposable cryosurgical tool that can tackle skin flaws with slim-tip precision that's 27% - 62% colder than other disposable systems. As a result, skin tags, lesions, molluscum contagiosum, and more can be removed in less than 20 seconds.

OB/GYN Necessities

The field of obstetrics and gynecology is crucial for ensuring that women and mothers are cared for at the highest quality level. Bovie Medical is proud to expand their range of essential tools for OB/GYN caregivers, to better provide for their patients. ClearSpec speculums provide a clear view of the cervix with multi-planar tissue retraction for a full diagnosis. The Colpo-Master series of colposcopes are highly advanced magnifiers for analysis of the vaginal area, available on steady mounts that range from swing arms to stationary stands.

Bovie is proud to introduce the AcuDop II Doppler system, with a variety of display/non-display dopplers and probes to choose from. This system is creatively interchangeable, allowing caregivers to attach different probes to their dopplers depending on each unique patient.

Vitality of Medical Lights

As with any other tool in a doctor's hand, their environment must be equal to the task. Medical lighting is essential for examinations and surgical procedures, and Bovie Medical offers a complete catalog of efficient medical lighting. The MI Series of lights are brilliant and energy-efficient thanks to the advantages of LED. In addition, the LED and light head are framed in such a way that caregivers won't block the light during adjustments. The MI series contains both surgical and examination/diagnostic lighting. Caregivers also can explore the System Two series, which pairs medical lights with innovative HD camera or monitor mounting arms for a complete surgical lighting set.

Why Choose Bovie?

Bovie Medical is not just an equipment provider for one field of medicine. Instead, they strive to provide the best tools for caregivers in nearly any field, especially when it comes to examinations and diagnosis. From generators to medical lighting, Bovie stays on the forefront of new, emerging technology for ORs and surgical spaces. With this variety of options available, let us know if any help is needed in determining what's best for the clinical space.