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The Tuttnauer 3870E Autoclave includes a rack, two trays (one large, one small), reservoir cap, three-shelf stand, and power cord. It is in excellent condition and refurbished to prope...  View item

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The Tuttnauer 3870E Autoclave includes a rack, two trays (one large, one small), reservoir cap, three-shelf stand, and power cord. It is in excellent condition and refurbished to proper operating specifications. All certified autoclaves have a new preventative maintenance kit installed, which includes a new gasket and filters. We also perform a complete calibration to manufacturer specifications, spore test, and complete flush of the system.

Warranty: 90 Days - Parts and Labor.

The 3870E Large Capacity Autoclave can effectively clean and sanitize essential equipment and media for areas with a large volume of multi-use equipment. It measures 15" x 30" and comes with two trays (one large and one small) which can accommodate a variety of tools and equipment for essential cleaning. With the capacity available, users can quickly and efficiently sterilize equipment, with settings for liquids, soil, waste products, instruments, and glassware. This unit already comes pre-loaded with four efficient cycles for wrapped and unwrapped instruments, liquid, or drying cycles.

The 3870E Autoclave is also equipped with unique safety features, including consistent temperature and pressure monitors, cycle interruption alerts, a power outage recovery system, and low water sensor. The chamber door is sealed to prevent steam from emitting, and is equipped with a double safety lock that prevents users from opening the door mid-cycle or when the chamber is pressurized.

It is available with an internal character printer that prints a detailed history of each cycle performed by the instrument. The printing is made on thermal paper with 24 characters per line and contains software version, date and time of cycle start, selected program and parameters, sterilization pressure, sterilization temperature, sterilization time, and cycle identification.

Tuttnauer 3870E Autoclave Features

  • Four pre-loaded cycles for unwrapped instruments, wrapped/packs, liquid, and additional drying cycles.
  • High efficiency air pump for faster drying.
  • Closed-door drying system circulates hot air after the sterilization cycle for quick dry.
  • Safety: Double-safety locking device, automatic shut off, temperature and pressure monitoring, audible and visual cycle interruption alerts, power outage recovery, and low water sensor.
  • Door design prevents steam from coming in contact with control panel.
  • Internal printer prints a detailed history of each cycle including:
    • Software version.
    • Date and time of cycle start.
    • Selected program and parameters.
    • Sterilization pressure.
    • Sterilization temperature.
    • Sterilization time.
    • Cycle identification.

Tuttnauer 3870E Autoclave Specifications

  • Chamber Size: 15" (diameter) x 30" (depth) (38 cm x 76 cm).
  • Volume: 22 gallons (83.3 L).
  • Controls: Automatic.
  • Standard Cassettes Capacity: 15 full.
  • Type: Steam Autoclave - Class S.
  • Trays: 2.
  • Tray Size:
    • Small: 26.6" x 11" (67.6 cm x 28 cm).
    • Large: 26.6" x 14" (67.6 cm x 35.6 cm).
  • Overall Dimensions: 34.5" x 26" x 20.6" (87.6 cm x 66 cm x 52 cm).
  • Weight: 176 lb (80 kg).
  • Voltage: 230 V.
  • Frequency: 50/60 Hz.
  • Current: 13 A.
  • Power: 3000 W.
  • Door Swing: Right Side Hinge.

Tuttnauer 3870E Autoclave Configurations

  • #MFI-TTN-Autoclave-3870E: Standard (No Printer).
  • #MFI-TTN-Autoclave-3870E-P: With Internal Printer.

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