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The Stryker LD304 Birthing Bed includes a new 6" Hospital-Grade Memory Foam Mattress. Available with optional communication and siderail package. The bed is in excellent condition and refurbished to proper operating specifications.

Note: Hospital bed wand/remote not included nor is required for operation.

Warranty: Full 1 Year - Parts and Labor.

The LD304 Birthing Bed features incredible mobility, simple operation, and an ergonomic design which provides both support and safety for caregivers. At the touch of a button, this bed can be placed in a Trendelenburg position, raised, or lowered to achieve maximum positioning.

Infinite leg positioning is achieved with the length adjustable footrests, and the patented Skoocher feature moves the patient closer to the edge of the bed with one push of a button. The foot section is easy to remove, it glides off with ease for quick and easy breakdown and a visual indicator will allow you to ensure it is locked. This bed's foot section is of ergonomic design and was made with proper body mechanics in mind to help prevent back strain and injury.

Stryker LD304 Birthing Bed Features

  • Lock-Rite slide-off foot section.
  • Lightweight, self-standing foot section.
  • Glide-away foot supports with six-way adjustability.
  • Single-button Trendelenburg.
  • Three-position side rails.
  • In-rail motion controls with lockout.
  • 17.5" low bed height.
  • Locking caster steering.
  • Four-wheel steel-ring brake system with centrally-located activation pedal.
  • 33" mattress width with four motor functions (head, bed, foot, Trend.).
  • Automatic pelvic tilt.
  • CPR Release.
  • Manual Backup.
  • Self-storing hand grips.
  • Plastic fluid basin.
  • Under-bed night light.
  • Wood headboard.
  • Permanent folding three-stage IV pole.

Stryker LD304 Birthing Bed Specifications

  • Overall Length: 93" (236 cm).
  • Overall Width:
    • Siderails Up: 41" (104 cm).
    • Siderails Down: 37" (94 cm).
  • Lift Capacity:
    • Bed: 500 lb.
    • Head Section: 250 lb.
    • Foot Section: 300 lb.
  • Height Range (to litter top):
    • High: 35.5" (90 cm).
    • Low: 17.5" (44 cm).
  • Litter Positioning:
    • Backrest: 0 - 70°.
    • Pelvic Tilt: 4°.
    • Maximum Trendelenburg: 8°.
  • Patient Surface: 33" x 81" (84 cm x 206 cm).
  • Caster Diameter: 6" (15 cm).
  • Weight: 475 lb (215 kg).

Stryker LD304 Birthing Bed Configurations

  • #MFI-SYK-LD304: Standard (No Communicaation Package or Calf Support).
  • #MFI-SYK-LD304-CS: With Calf Support.
  • #MFI-SYK-LD304-CP: With Communication Siderail Control Package (Hospital Use Only).
  • #MFI-SYK-LD304-CP-CS: With Communication Siderail Control Package and Calf Support (Hospital Use Only).

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