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The Schiller Cardiovit CS-200 Ergo-Spiro System (#9-030100) is the perfect multifunctional system for cardiology, pneumology, sports medicine, and mass screening, as well as rehabilitation. It offers a complete function analysis of heart, lung, blood circulation, and metabolism. This device covers all areas of cardiopulmonary diagnostics. Whether for cardiology, pneumology, sports or industrial medicine, this multifunctional exercise testing system is the solution for every need.

Schiller Cardiovit CS-200 Cardiopulmonary Stress Diagnostic System with Interp, Power Cube Gas Analyzer (PWC) with micro fuel cell with integrated gas analyzing and spirometry device, O2, CO2, Spiro ErgoScope, including metabolic cart with 12-channel electrocardiograph menu-controlled suitable for practical applications and unparalleled ease-of-use. The system records breath-by breath data and also intrabreath. The CS-200 Ergo-Spiro can test children to adults, and patient to athletes. PC software and color inkjet printer, LF8 software for storing, displaying, and documenting of all cardio-pulmonary measurements. Standard unit including: Power Cube Gas Analyzer 2.210093 - with built-in micro fuel cell option. With maintenance free O2 cell which has a quick rise time (

Schiller Cardiovit CS-200 Ergo-Spiro System Features:

  • Light, bi-directional sensor that is absolutely insensitive to humidity.
  • Micro fuel cell for O2 measurement (maintenance-free).
  • Quick responding and highly stable gas analysers for true breath-by-breath measurements.
  • Free combination of parameters and graphs for individual result protocols.
  • Flow/volume under load (intra breath).
  • Indirect calorimetry (nutrition).
  • Spirometry and MVV measurement included in standard version.
  • CS-200 networking allows you to review, edit, print, and export stored final reports, keeping your stress system available for testing.
  • Worklist.
  • EMR system interface (GDT).


  • 3D vector ECG software.
  • SAECG: analysis software to detect ventricular late potentials (time domain).
  • Cardiac output measurement.
  • SpO2 measurement.
  • Heart rate belt (polar).
  • Barcode reader.
  • DICOM/HL-7 interface to HIS.

Software Included:

  • Schiller resting ECG software with 12 simultaneous leads.
  • Schiller ECG measurement software M.
  • Schiller exercise ECG software EXEC.
  • Schiller exercise ECG software EXEC plus.
  • Rhythm recording in resting mode.
  • QT Dispersion.
  • Worklist.
  • Enhanced pacemaker detection.
  • Data Management software.
  • PDF export software.
  • HR trend export in EXCEL file.
  • Windows 7 Pro embedded.

Schiller Cardiovit CS-200 Ergo-Spiro System Literature:

Schiller Cardiovit CS-200 Ergo-Spiro System Brochure

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