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The Respironics CAPNOSTAT Main-Stream CO2 Sensor Module (#ETCo2_Main / 1015928 - End Tidal CO2) includes the Disposable Adult Airway Adapter (#6063-00) and Disposable Neonatal (Infant/Pediatric) Airway Adapter (#6312-00). It is intended for use with the M3B Vital Signs Monitor and Edan patient monitors such as the iM8, iM8A, iM50, iM60, iM70, and iM80. It is also compatible with previous models, such as the M50 and M80 Patient Monitors.

Warranty: 2 Years - Exclusive, Unconditional.

Note: Sensor module is not compatible with monitors which require certain barcoding. Please confirm with the manufacturer of your monitor prior to ordering.

The Revolutionary CAPNOSTAT CO2 Sensor has no moving parts.

Key Elements of the Respironics Solid State Design:

  • A patented IR Source capable of being pulsed on and off very rapidly, which eliminates the need to interrupt the IR Beam with a rotating chopper wheel.
  • A beam splitter allows a single beam infrared pulse to simultaneously strike reference and measurement detectors, replacing a sealed gas reference cell rotating on a chopper wheel. Since reference and measurement signals occur at precisely the same time, changes in the optical signal due to contaminants in the airway are effectively removed from the signal. This results in superior performance under adverse clinical conditions.

Initial CO2 indication in just 15 seconds. In addition to being extremely rugged, the CAPNOSTAT can display a Capnogram 15 seconds after power-up and is fully operational within an additional 15 seconds.

Respironics CAPNOSTAT Main-Stream CO2 Sensor Module Features

  • New Technology: New solid state design eliminates moving parts for superior durability.
  • Verification Cells: Verification Cells are conveniently located on the sensor cable to quickly confirm calibration. No routine calibration is required.
  • Wide Selection of Adapters: Comprehensive family of airway adapters designed with large window surface area resulting in superior performance, even in the presence of patient secretions.
  • Durability: To pass this grueling test, the CAPNOSTAT is required to remain fully functional after being dropped 100 times from 6 feet onto a hard surface.

Respironics CAPNOSTAT Main-Stream CO2 Sensor Module Literature

Respironics CAPNOSTAT Main-Stream CO2 Sensor Module Brochure

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