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The Philips IntelliVue MP50 Patient Monitor includes parameter module (#M3001A), printer module (#M1116B), ECG cable, adult SpO2 finger sensor, adult NIBP cuff and hose, new battery, and power cord. CO2 configuration also includes CO2 module (#M3015A). It is certified to proper operating specifications and in excellent condition.

Note: Gas analyzers are sold separately. Philips G1 and G5 Gas Analyzers add five agent anesthetic gas analysis to your IntelliVue MP50 Monitor. Please contact our customer service team for a customized configuration.

Warranty: 1 Year.

The IntelliVue MP50 patient monitor is intended for monitoring, recording, and alarming of multiple parameters of adults, pediatrics, and neonates in hospital environments by trained healthcare professionals. Featuring an ergonomic, compact size and a sleek modular design, the MP50 shares a common user interface and technological platform with the Philips IntelliVue MP2, MP5, MP20/MP30, and MP60 - MP90 patient monitors.

COconfiguration features anesthesia monitoring capabilities. Compatible with versatile Philips IntelliVue G1 and G5 Gas Analyzers (sold separately). These Gas Analyzers measure the five most commonly used anesthetic gases, as well as N2O and CO2. Both the G1 and G5 gas analyzers provide inspiration and expiration values and calculate MAC values for display on Philips IntelliVue patient monitors. The IntelliVue G1 Gas Analyzer measures the single agent chosen by the clinician. The IntelliVue G5 features automatic agent identification and mixed-agent measurement capability.

Philips IntelliVue MP50 Patient Monitor Features

Large 30.5 cm (12") color SVGA monitor display is bright and easy to read. Available with four or six waveforms. 

12-lead ECG monitoring with five electrodes using the EASI method or with 10 electrodes using the conventional method. The monitor can operate using battery power for 4 to 5 hours, to let you safely and easily monitor patients during in-hospital transfer.

  • Large 30.5 cm (12") color SVGA monitor display.
  • ECG monitoring using any combination of three to 10 electrodes.
  • Multi-lead arrhythmia and ST segment analysis at the bedside on all available leads.
  • Pulse Pressure Variation (PPV) can be calculated from beat-to-beat arterial pressure values.
  • Four to five hours of back-up battery power. 

Usability Features

Simple menu hierarchy gives fast access to all basic monitoring tasks. Patient data management with tabular and graphic trends with the ability to set "Profiles" for rapid case turnover. Neonatal Event Review keeps a record of the rapidly changing condition of neonatal patients. 

  • Ventilation, hemodynamic, and oxygenation calculations.
  • Drug Calculator.
  • Any specified PS/2 or USB mouse, trackball or keyboard may be used for data entry. If alpha or numeric data entry is required, for example, to enter patient demographics, an on-screen keyboard will automatically appear on the screen.


Sleek modular design offers touchscreen operation, as well as the navigation point, as methods to input data. Functionality can be extended by connecting Philips measurement modules, multi-measurement module, X2, MMS extensions, and the IntelliVue gas analyzers. Allows new capabilities to be added in the future as your monitoring requirements evolve.

  • Navigation Point: Large buttons and controls that are easily accessible. 
    • The integrated navigation point is the primary input device for the MP40 and is also standard on the MP50 in addition to the touchscreen.
    • Its dial can be rotated to enable navigation across the monitor screen.
    • A tactile resistance at every step gives the user control over cursor movement.

Philips IntelliVue MP50 Patient Monitor Specifications

  • Portal Technology: Compatible.
  • Waveforms: 4.
  • Monitor screen display: One integrated 30.5 cm/12" color SVGA.
  • Monitor screen navigation: Touchscreen/Navigation Point.
  • Multi-Measurement Modules (MMS,X2) and extensions: Compatible.
  • Networking capability: Standard.
  • Power Specifications:
    • Power consumption: Less than 100 W.
    • Line Voltage: 100 to 240 V ~.
    • Current: 1.6 to 0.7 A.
    • Frequency: 50/60 Hz.
    • SVGA Display:
      • Size: 12.1".
      • Resolution: 800 x 600.
      • Refresh rate: 60 Hz.
      • Useful screen: 246 x 184.4 mm.
      • Pixel size: 0.3075 x 0.3075 mm.

      Philips IntelliVue MP50 Patient Monitor Configurations

      • #MFI-PHL-MP50-ST - Standard: Includes parameter module (#M3001A), printer module (#M1116B), ECG cable, adult SpO2 finger sensor, adult NIBP cuff and hose, and power cord. 
      • #MFI-PHL-MP50 -With CO2: Includes parameter module (#M3001A), CO2 module (#M3015A), printer module (#M1116B), ECG cable, adult SpO2 finger sensor, adult NIBP cuff and hose, and power cord. 

      Philips IntelliVue MP50 Patient Monitor Literature

      IntelliVue MP40/MP50 Patient Monitor Technical Data Sheet

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