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Persyst EMU Long-Term Monitoring (#EMUI) is specifically designed for the needs of epilepsy monitoring units. Designed to run as an integrated part of your EEG acquisition system, it includes our advanced seizure detection capability to help you quickly find possible seizures in long-term recordings. It also analyzes the record in real time to detect the presence of spike candidates. Near real time seizure detection and notification can also be used as a supplement to patient events, and monitoring of raw EEG data in order to enhance patient safety.

During monitoring and review over an entire 24 hour, or longer, record is summarized in a trend that displays seizure detections and rhythmicity changes. Spike review shows the spike detections averaged by detection focus in a unique display that provides a summary of the location and relative quantity of the inter-ictal spikes and sharp waves detected.

Complete review of a 24 hour EEG record can take a considerable amount of time. By processing the record with Persyst during acquisition major features of the record including detected seizures and spikes are available immediately. This can provide early insight to your medical team, and reduce pressure on the timing of the manual review process.

Persyst EMU Long-Term Monitoring Features:

  • Seizure Detection: Using our unique natural processing technology the Persyst seizure detector simulates the way that human reviewers scan for seizure patterns. It takes input from the rhythmicity spectrograms, as well as a number of other factors, in order to spot the kind of changes that represent seizure activity. Through its unique ability to recognize electrical and chewing artifacts, it avoids the types of false positives that have made seizure detectors less effective in the past. The result is an overall accuracy rate of nearly 90% with only 1 to 2 false positives per 24 hours when tested against our extensive internal database of EMU records. Of course, results with individual patients can vary, which is why we have uniquely integrated our seizure detection trends with our overall trending solution to provide the most complete picture available.

  • Spike Detection and Review: Persyst 12 provides the most sophisticated spike detection algorithm on the market. Using our unique natural processing technology, it has a high rate of detection with a relatively low rate of false positives. During acquisition, Persyst 12 is designed to mark only the most recognizable spikes.

    Persyst 12 spike review provides a quick and concise overview of the spike detections present in the record. In this unique view, spike detections are grouped by their foci and averaged to provide a summary of the presence and relative frequency of spikes in the record. From the averages, the user can review individual spikes that comprise the average. Then representative spike clips can be selected to produce a report.

  • Artifact Reduction: Persyst 12 represents the biggest breakthrough in EEG technology since the advent of digital recording. With our new artifact reduction (AR) technology, EEG review is dramatically improved. Many of the artifacts caused by electrodes, muscle, and eye movement are removed, resulting in a clearer EEG.

    Persyst AR scans the recorded EEG for artifacts. Once it detects them, AR removes the artifacts from the EEG waveforms resulting in a notable decrease in artifact impact. Best of all, it's done automatically and continuously in real time, with no user intervention or input.

    What's more, with the advent of artifact reduction, qEEG trending takes a dramatic leap forward. With much of the artifact removed, calculations are now more representative of cerebral activity, making qEEG trending an even more powerful tool.

    • Integration with EEG System Manufacturers:
    • Cadwell Laboratories, Inc.
    • Compumedics Limited.
    • Natus.
    • Nihon Kohden America, Inc.
    • Electrical Geodesics, Inc. (EGI).
    • LifeLines Neurodiagnostic Systems.
    • Moberg Research.
    • Neurovirtual.

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