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The Olympus URF-P5 Flexible Ureteroscope is in excellent condition and certified to proper operating specifications.

Warranty: 90 Days - Parts and Labor.

The URF-P5 Flexible Ureteroscope incorporates features that improve access to the kidney and patient comfort within ureteroscopy. A unique bending design developed to match the anatomical shape of the kidney gives easy access, while the moiré-reduction filter ensures the best fiberscope picture available. The evolutionary tip of URF-P5 is designed to easily pass the scope up to the ureter, making insertion exceptionally smooth.

Olympus URF-P5 Flexible Ureteroscope Features

  • Angulation: 275° of down angulation and 180° of up angulation with a small radius match the anatomy and give you an exceptionally flexible ureteroscope, and allow you to examine the entire kidney.
  • High-Density Image Bundle and Moiré-Reduction Filter: A high-density image bundle and incorporated moiré-reduction filter give you crystal-clear images during URS, making kidney stone detection and management and UTTC treatment easier than ever.
  • Improved Torque Control: A special new material has been incorporated into the outer sheath of the URF-P5, giving you more-responsive tip rotation when you twist the control section. This new material minimizes crushing, and thicker rubber in the bending section resists puncturing, guaranteeing you a durable ureteroscope.
  • Slim 5.3 Fr Evolutiontip: The radical, new, slim Evolutiontip is uniquely tapered, and can be aligned with the angulation direction, allowing you to insert the ureteroscope smoothly and reduce trauma and discomfort for your patients.

Olympus URF-P5 Flexible Ureteroscope Specifications

  • Optical System:
    • Field of View: 90°.
    • Direction of View: 0° (forward).
    • Depth of Field: 2 ~ 50 mm.
  • Insertion Tube:
    • Distal End Outer Diameter: 5.3 Fr (bullet shape).
    • Insertion Tube Outer Diameter: 8.4 Fr (ø 2.8 mm).
    • Working Length: 700 mm.
  • Instrument Channel: Inner Channel Diameter: 3.6 Fr (ø 1.2 mm).
  • Bending Section: Angulation Range: Up 180° / Down 275°.
  • Total Length: 1,050 mm.

Olympus URF-P5 Flexible Ureteroscope Literature

Olympus URF-P5 Flexible Ureteroscope Brochure

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