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The Midmark Hand Surgery Armboard includes an adjustable leg rod for increased support during procedures.

Warranty: 1 Year - Parts and Labor.

The Midmark Hand Surgery Armboard attaches to either side of the 641 Power Procedures Chair to provide comfort and support of the patient's arm or hand during procedures. It can also be used with the 630 and 230 Tables. An adjustable leg extends to the floor for increased stability. It is available in a variety of colors to suit your practice's look.

Note: For custom or discontinued colors, please call our sales team at (800) 633-1558.

Midmark Hand Surgery Armboard Features

  • Attachment clamp allows for rotary adjustment of the armboard.
  • Designed to ensure proper patient placement and stability.
  • Can be placed on left or right sides of the table.

Midmark Hand Surgery Armboard Colors

  • #9A82001-813: Mist.
  • #9A82001-814: Stone.
  • #9A82001-843: Oasis.
  • #9A82001-844: Mineral.
  • #9A82001-845: Lunar Gray.
  • #9A82001-846: Curative Copper.
  • #9A82001-847: Dream.
  • #9A82001-848: Healing Waters.
  • #9A82001-849: Citrus.
  • #9A82001-850: Sandy Retreat.
  • #9A82001-851: Iron Ore.
  • #9A82001-852: Robust Brown.
  • #9A82001-853: Shaded Garden.
  • #9A82001-854: Deep Earth.
  • #9A82001-855: Soothing Blue.
  • #9A82001-856: Dark Linen.
  • #9A82001-857: Obsidian.
  • #9A82001-858: Restful Path.
  • #9A82001-859: Cranberry.
  • #9A82001-860: Latte.
  • #9A82001-861: UltraFree Harbor.
  • #9A82001-862: UltraFree Wheatgrass.
  • #9A82001-863: UltraFree Spice.
  • #9A82001-864: UltraFree Branch.
  • #9A82001-865: UltraFree Stone.
  • #9A82001-866: UltraFree Dark Linen.
  • #9A82001-867: UltraFree Obsidian.
  • #9A82001-868: UltraFree Restful Path.
  • #9A82001-869: UltraFree Cranberry.
  • #9A82001-870: UltraFree Latte.

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