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The Medco Syringe Snap Lock helps eliminate having to hold the plunger during aspiration. Just insert into the plunger assembly and pull the plunger until it snaps lock. It will help maintain constant suction. Syringe Snap Locks are designed for use with BD, Terumo, and Monoject syringes.

Medco Syringe Snap Lock Sizes

  • #SN10-M: For 10cc Monoject Syringe.
  • #SN10-T: For 10cc Terumo Syringe.
  • #SN10-BD: For 10cc BD Syringe.
  • #SN12-M: For 12cc Monoject Syringe.
  • #SN20-M: For 20cc Monoject Syringe.
  • #SN20-BD: For 20cc BD Syringe.
  • #SN30-BD: For 30cc BD Syringe.
  • #SN35-M: For 35cc Monoject Syringe.
  • #SN60-M: For 60cc Monoject/BD Syringe.
  • #SN60-T: For 60cc Terumo Syringe.

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