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The Masimo LNCS Multisite Reusable L Sensor (#2192) is a low noise cabled sensor used with a patient cable to connect to Masimo SET oximeters.

Warranty: 6 Months - Manufacturer Defects.

LNCS sensors will work with all Masimo SET pulse oximeters, but are designed to operate on Nellcor sensor compatible instruments without Oximax.

Masimo LNCS Multisite Reusable L Sensor Features

  • Performs under conditions of motion and low perfusion.
  • Reports true alarms resulting in fewer false alarms.
  • New cable connector design improves moisture resistance.
  • Covered connector provides additional protection from liquid at all times.
  • Connects to all Masimo SET oximeters via new LNC patient cable.

Masimo LNCS Multisite Reusable L Sensor Specifications

  • Cable Length: 3' (0.91 m).
  • Patient Age: Adult.
  • Patient Weight: > 66 lb (> 30 kg).
  • Latex-free.
  • Non-sterile.

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