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A LifeSign Uricult CLED/Polymyxin/EMB (#1002 / 10 Tests) is an in-office test for urinary pathogens. Each complete kit includes 10 urine culture-paddles, self-adhesive patient labels, a package insert, and a colony density chart.

Note: Physician’s licensing required. This is NOT an at-home test and should only be completed in a lab facility.

Moderately complex, a LifeSign Uricult CLED/Polymyxin/EMB is the preferred in-office urine culture system thanks to its accurate (99% correlation to lab culture plates) and quick results (colony count results are ready within 18-24 hours). CLIA compliant for reporting colony counts.

LifeSign Uricult CLED/Polymyxin/EMB Features

  • Culture method for urinary pathogens.
  • Easy to perform procedure - simply dip, incubate, and read results.
  • Accurate - 99% correlation to lab culture plates.
  • Results ready within 24 hours.
  • Faster turnaround time makes for improved patient management.
  • CLIA compliant for reporting colony counts.
  • Four media combinations allow the kit to meet the needs of your lab.

LifeSign Uricult CLED/Polymyxin/EMB Specifications

  • # of Tests: 10.
  • Reading Type: Visual Read.
  • Sample Type: Urine Sample.
  • Storage Requirements: USP Controlled Room Temperature.
  • Test Format: Culture-Paddle.
  • Test Name: Urinary Tract Infection Detection.
  • Test Type: Presumptive Identification.
  • Time to Results: 24 Hours.

LifeSign Uricult CLED/Polymyxin/EMB Accessories

  • LifeSign Uricult CLED/EMB (#LFS-1000).
  • LifeSign Uricult CLED/Polymyxin/MacConkey (#LFS-1003).
  • LifeSign Cultura M Incubator (#LFS-05866).
  • LifeSign Status BTA.
  • LifeSign Status BTA Control Set - POS & NEG (#LFS-200019).

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