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The Huntleigh Diabetic Foot Assessment Kit includes a neuropen (with 10 g monofilament), box of neuropen tips, 8 MHz Vascular Probe (#VP8XS-USA), trigger operated sphyg with a range of latex-free cuffs (arm/ankle, large toe, small toe), educational DVD, hard carry case, set of guides (ABI/TBI), headphones, and a choice of Dopplex doppler.

Warranty: 5 Years (Unit) / 1 Year (Probe and Accessories).

The kit provides the professional vascular or diabetes specialist with a system to help in the assessment of neuropathy, ankle brachial index (ABI), and toe brachial index (TBI).

The kit is usable with the Dopplex MD2 Bi-Directional Vascular Doppler, Dopplex SD2 Bi-Directional Doppler, Dopplex D900 Non-Directional Vascular Doppler, and the Dopplex FD2 Rate Display Doppler.

The Dopplex D900 is a low cost, audio only, non-directional doppler, principally used for ABPI measurements by community nurses and doctors in their role of leg ulcer management.

The Dopplex MD2 is one of the most advanced pocket dopplers on the market. It provides the ability for high level vascular assessment, and is ideal for the detection of peripheral arterial disease. When used with the high sensitivity vascular probes, it provides quality bi-directional blood flow information. It can be linked to the Huntleigh Dopplex Reporter software package for high quality waveform reports or the Dopplex Printa for single waveform recordings.

Huntleigh Diabetic Foot Assessment Kit Features

  • Compatible with DR3 software.
  • Auto shut off.
  • Active noise reduction.
  • Obstetric capability.
  • Pole stand capability.
  • Integrated probe protection and storage.
  • Rechargeable battery option.
  • Belt clip.
  • Neck cord option.

Huntleigh Diabetic Foot Assessment Kit Configurations

  • #DFK2-USA-D900: D900 Dopplex Doppler.
  • #LUS-DFK2-D900EZ8KT: D900 Dopplex Doppler and EZ8 probe.
  • #DFK1-USA-MD2: MD2 Dopplex Doppler.

Huntleigh Diabetic Foot Assessment Kit Literature

ArjoHuntleigh Dopplex Vascular Dopplers Brochure

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