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The Hospira Lifecare PCA III (#PCA-3) includes keypad controls, patient pendant, a bar-coded drug vial, and a compatible administration set. This top-of-the-line microprocessor-based infusion device is specially designed to allow clinicians to administer, or patients to self-administer, analgesia safely within programmed limits or hospital designed limits making the PCA III the perfect infusion pump for your medical facility or practice.

Warranty: 6 Months.

Note: The following error codes are used to indicate a problem.

  • Low Battery.
  • Battery Fault.

Hospira Lifecare PCA III Features

  • Features a bar code reader designed to automate drug identification.
  • Numeric keypad allows you to directly enter programming values.
  • Lightweight and portable - device weighs less than 12 lb.
  • Serial port enables you to connect the device to a computer or printer.
  • Software is field upgradeable.
  • Intended to operate on AC power, but an internal battery ensures you can maintain operation for short periods if power is not available.

Hospira Lifecare PCA III Specifications

  • Dimensions: 8" W x 13" H x 6" D, excluding pole clamp protrusion and power cord storage.
  • Weight: 10 lb with battery.
  • Casing: High-impact plastic.
  • PCA Mode: Approximately 1 mL in 35 seconds.
  • Continuous Mode: Variable from 0.1 x concentration (mg/hr or μg/hr) to 20.0 x concentration (mg/hr or μg/hr).
  • PCA + Continuous Mode: Variable from 0.1 x concentration (mg/hr or μg/hr) ti 20.0 x concentration (mg/hr or μg/hr), + PCA dose (mg).
  • Lockout Interval Range: 5 to 120 minutes in 1 minute increments.
  • Maximum Infusion Pressure: 45 psig.
  • Occlusion Alarm Pressure: 15 psig ± 5 psig.
  • Occlusion Bolus Volume: 2 mL for fully primed set (max).
  • Operating Temperature: 5° to 40° C, 10% - 90% relative humidity.
  • Storage Temperature: -20° to 60° C, 10% - 90% relative humidity.
  • Atmospheric Pressure: 0 - 10,000 feet (0 - 3,000 m) or equivalent pressure.
  • Power Requirements: 105-130 Volts, 57-63 Hz, <50 W.
  • Power Cord: Hospital-grade AC cord. 10 ft long with transparent plug and retainer plate.
  • Fuses: 1.0 A, 250 V, slow blowing.
  • Battery: One sealed, lead acid, rechargeable 8 V battery, internal to device. Accessible for ease of field replacement, with color coded leads and polarized connector.
  • Battery Life: A new battery at full charge should operate for at least 4 hours of continuous operation and deliver at least 30 mL of solution before low battery alarm. PCA 3 should provide a low battery warning at least 30 minutes prior to shutdown.
  • Recharge: After discharge to the LOW BATTERY operative limit, the battery will recharge to at least 80% of its charge capacity in 16 hours, provided it is plugged into rated AC power. The infuser will operate on AC power in the event the battery is open or shorted.
  • Self-Discharge: 50% of charge retained for at least one month when unit is neither plugged in nor operating.
  • Electrical Leakage: Risk current limits meet AAMI/ANSI SCL (ungrounded) 12/78 standard.
  • Administration Sets: Use only compatible Abbott PCA sets with Integral Anti-siphon valve.
  • Electrical Safety: Meets IEC 601-1 standards.
  • Class 1: AC (mains) supply equipment using protective earth.
  • Type CF: Equipment providing.
  • Drip Proof IPX1:
    • Protected against dripping water.
    • Disinfectable.
    • Note: Not to be used in the presence of flammable anesthetics.
  • Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) and Radio Frequency Interference (RFI):
    • The Lifecare PCA III is designed to perform in the typical hospital environment.
    • A qualified service technician should verify performance in any environment where EMI or RFI levels are excessive.
  • Attention: Consult accompanying documents.
  • Equipotential Post: Terminal for connection of an equipotential conductor.
  • Printer Port: Maximum nondestruct voltage is 5 V.
  • Maximum Overinfusion: The maximum overinfusion under single fault conditions is 25%.

Hospira Lifecare PCA III Literature

Hospira Lifecare PCA III Operator's Manual

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