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The Hausted SurgiChair ESC-EYE Stretcher (#ESC-EYE-ST) includes a hand held control pendant, new pad, and new installed battery.

Warranty: 90 Days - Parts and Labor.


  • Head extension pieces (#HSA078700) are sold separately. If you would like to add head extension pieces to your SurgiChair, please contact our expert customer service team.
  • Standard color for pads is pictured. If one of the Hausted color swatch options are desired, please contact MFI Medical to personalize your order. Actual colors may vary.

The SurgiChair ESC-EYE is a multi-position chair and stretcher intended for treatment, transport, or recovery of a patient. With the uniquely designed articulating head section, this unit can be used for specialty procedures that require precision head positioning. Models in this series provide specialized surgical functions of head positioning for ophthalmology, plastic surgery, or ENT procedures.

The articulating head piece with dual operating control knobs allows for infinite adjustability and precise, microscopic movement of the head section. Height positioning, as well as backrest and leg section adjustment, is electric powered and is activated with a hand held control. This unit adjusts easily from sitting to supine, and provides a stable work surface during patient treatment. Preinduction, transport, treatment, and recovery can be performed on the same unit to improve case turnaround and streamline patient handling in surgical care.

Hausted SurgiChair ESC-EYE Stretcher Specifications

  • Height Range:
    • High: 32.5" (83 cm).
    • Low: 22.4" (57 cm).
  • Overall Width: 29.4" (75 cm).
  • Overall Patient Surface Width: 22" (56 cm).
  • Overall Length: 75" (191 cm).
  • Overall Patient Surface Length: 75" (191 cm).
  • Backrest Degree of Movement: 0 to 80°.
  • Standard Trendelenburg: 0 to 6°.
  • Side Rail Height: 10.75" (27 cm).
  • Side Rail Length: 26.74" (68 cm).

Hausted SurgiChair ESC-EYE Stretcher Weight Capacities

The Hausted SurgiChair ESC-EYE Stretcher is available in two different patient weight capacities. This is the maximum patient weight allowable:

  • #MFI-HST-ESC-EYE-ST-325: 325 lb (147.42 kg).
  • #MFI-HST-ESC-EYE-ST: 500 lb (227.80 kg).

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