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The Hausted Converge Multi-Purpose Treatment and Exam Stretcher (#472-APR-ST) is a versatile, multiple position, mobile stretcher for use in various applications. It can be adjusted to numerous positions between fully supine and upright chair, maximizing patient accessibility during examination.

Warranty: 90 Days - Parts and Labor.

This hydraulic stretcher features hands-free foot pedals located at both sides of the easy-to-clean base. The pedals control height adjustment as well as 20° Trendelenburg or reverse Trendelenburg positioning.

Hausted Converge Multi-Purpose Treatment and Exam Stretcher Features

  • Built-in, self storing stirrups allow quick and precise pelvic exams, labor assessment, or emergency treatment.
  • Telescoping IV pole included (permanently mounted). Additional IV/Accessory wells at all four corners.
  • Brake and steer caster system is accessible from all corners.
  • Two steer-lock casters at the foot to optimize better control.
  • Fold-down footrest is built into the leg section facilitating patient comfort while the stretcher is in the chair/exam position.

Hausted Converge Multi-Purpose Treatment and Exam Stretcher Specifications

  • Height Range:
    • High: 39" (99 cm).
    • Low: 26.5" (67 cm).
  • Standard Trendelenburg: ± 20°.
  • Patient Surface: 25" x 71" (64 cm x 180 cm).
  • Overall Width: 29.5" (75 cm).
  • Overall Length: 79" (200 cm).
  • Side Rails: 40" x 15" (101 cm x 38 cm).
  • Fowler: Pneumatic assist, 0 - 80°.
  • Leg Section: Pneumatic assist, 0 - 105°.
  • Footrest: Self-storing.
  • Bumper: Four corners.
  • Casters: 8" Tente.
  • Maximum Weight Capacity: 500 lb (evenly distributed).

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