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Why should you buy a Powered Transport Cart? Think how many boxes, cans and other heavy and bulky items get moved from receiving to other areas of your facility. Think about how far they travel. Do they go up or down sloped floors or ramps between buildings or over parking lots?

Now think about who is moving them and how. Are they doing it safely?

Studies show the average direct cost of a workers comp claim in material handling is over $24,000. Indirect costs can be 4 to 5 times greater. If your healthcare facility is looking for ways to avoid these claims, adding powered transport carts makes financial sense.

Harloffês Power-Move line of powered transport carts transforms the movement of material from a task to a breeze.

Adding powered transport carts to your material handling accomplishes the following important objectives:
  • Injury Prevention, avoiding workers compensation claims.
  • Achieving safety and ergonomic improvement goals.
  • Improving employee satisfaction.

Harloff offers four sizes and capacities of transport carts to meet all handling needs (model HTP4025 shown above).

Harloff Powered Transport Cart Features:

  • Spring-suspension extends drive life.
  • Center wheel drive system gives tight turning radius.
  • Transaxle drive system with powerful 24 volt motor.
  • Non-marking, flat-free tires.
  • User friendly variable speed control offers speed range of 0-3 MPH.
  • Horn, key switch, emergency stop, forward/reverse switch, LED battery charge indicator.
  • Two 12 Volt maintenance free batteries with charging system.
  • Automatic dynamic braking and parking brake.
  • National network of service providers.
  • Powder coat paint and rubberized load deck.
  • Handle Height _ 39" Load Deck height 11.5".
  • Delivered ready-to-use. No assembly required.
  • Ships FOB Wisconsin.
  • Delivered ready-to-use.
  • Intuitive controls with user-friendly variable speed control.
  • Non-marking, flat-free tires.
  • 1500lb loading capacity on 3 sizes.
  • 2000lb loading capacity on biggest size.

Harloff Powered Transport Cart Models:

  • HTP4025:
    • Load bed 40" L x 25.5" W.
    • 1500 lb. capacity on level surface, 1000 lb. capacity on 6 degree incline.
  • HTP4925:
    • Load bed 49" L x 25.5" W.
    • 1500 lb. capacity, on level surface, 1000 lb. capacity on 6 degree incline.
  • HTP6125:
    • Load bed 61" L x 25.5" W.
    • 1500 lb. capacity, on level surface, 1000 lb. capacity on 6 degree incline.
  • HTP5234HD:
    • Load bed 52" L x 34.5" W
    • 2000 lb. HEAVY DUTY capacity, on level surface, 1500 lb. capacity on 6 degree incline

Harloff Powered Transport Cart Literature:

Harloff Powered Transport Cart Brochure

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