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The MS8140DRCATH-1 is a double column Catheter Procedure Cart with tempered glass double doors, specifically designed for use in a cath lab to support the catheterization procedure.

Warranty: 12 year manufacturer's warranty.

Surgical labs in hospitals find themselves constantly challenged to find usable, adaptable and economical medical storage systems that can provide both quick access and secure inventory management for expensive supplies. Harloff answers this need with our line of medical storage carts. Designed around the most innovative modular tray system on the market and featuring a choice of door style for security with ease of access, our medical storage cart line is superior to competitive offerings. For either mobile or fixed storage, our versatile medical storage solutions offer high density and secure storage for valuable medical supplies used in surgical procedures such as Arthroscopy, Cardiology, Urology, Ophthalmology, Laparoscopy, Neurology, and Orthopedics.

Harloff MS8140DRCATH-1 Storage Cart Advantages & Benefits:

  • The significant amount of catheter sizes and packaging techniques has made organizing and managing this critical area an extremely difficult task. Harloff offers a solution with a high density Catheter Storage System, which provides quick access and retrieval of catheters and related supplies.
  • Equipped with two adjustable Cath Slide Shelves, consisting of three full extension catheter slides, each slide has five hooks, and each hook can hold up to 15 catheter packages.
  • Each Cath Slide features a pair of ball bearing slides to withstand the pull force of removing catheters from hooks; full extension brings the catheters into full view for quick access and visual inventory of remaining stock.
  • Cath Slide Shelf can be mounted in lower position for storage above.
  • The MS8140DR-CATH1 stores long stent boxes, balloons, guidewires, and other supplies efficiently for easy access with our specially-engineered catheter and interior side panels. The maximum package length is 61 inches.

Harloff MS8140DRCATH-1 Storage Cart Features:

  • Two Catheter Slide Shelves, featuring three slides and five hooks per slide, can be mounted in a lower position to create storage above for over-sized items.
  • Cath slides consist of a pair of ball bearing drawer slides to withstand the pull force of removing catheters from hooks.
  • Key locking tempered glass double doors.
  • Integrated push handles are flush with cart side.
  • Corner bumpers with premium five inch casters, full swivel _ two with brake.
  • Standard color is Sand. Also available in 16 other colors, using durable hard-baked powder coat finish.

Harloff MS8140DRCATH-1 Storage Cart Specifications:

  • Construction: Painted steel cabinet, 20-gauge powder-coated steel.
  • Assembled cart dimensions: 76€ H x 42” W x 29.6€ D (193 cm H x 106.7 cm W x 75.2 cm D).
  • Cart net weight: 387 lbs (175.5 kg).
  • Approximate shipping weight: 446 lbs (234.5 kg).

Harloff MS8140DRCATH-1 Storage Cart Literature:

Harloff MS8140DR-CATH1 Storage Cart Product Sheet Harloff Medical Storage Cart Catalog

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