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The Gomco Model 218 Portable Breast pump (# 01-22-0218) offers the ultimate in personal control to help assure the gentlest, most natural nursing action. The total control helps to ensure comfort, which builds confidence in new mothers as well as those who have nursed before.

Warranty: 1 Year.

A three-position switch (off, manual or automatic) allows use in either the manual or automatic mode. In the manual mode, the mother controls the length of the suction cycle with a thumb-operated shut-off valve. In the automatic mode, the duration of the suction cycle can be set with the timer control. The unit will intermittently apply vacuum for periods from two to thirty seconds, with a four-second pause between cycles.

The strength of the suction is regulated by adjusting the vacuum control. An in-line valve helps prevent accidental over-suction by cutting off the vacuum once it reaches a predetermined level.

An overflow bottle provides protection to the pump motor by acting as a backup trap should the primary bottle containing expressed milk overflow.

Gomco Model 218 Portable Breast Pump Features

  • Ideal for hospital or home use.
  • Lightweight for easy portability.
  • Choice of automatic or manual suction control.
  • Suction force can be easily adjusted for maximum comfort for mother.
  • In-line cut-off control helps prevent accidental "over-suction".
  • Overflow trap bottle provides backup collector.
  • Single patient use collection system available in kit form.
  • Backed by Gomco's reputation for quality and performance.

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