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The GE Tec 6 Plus Vaporizer has been recalibrated and bioengineer-certified to proper operating specifications. It is in excellent working and cosmetic condition.

Warranty: 6 Months.

When delivering a critical anesthetic agent such as Desflurane, it is important to have the proper equipment. GE's Tec 6 Plus Vaporizer is an ideal choice for facilities requiring a reliable, electronic, desflurane anesthesia vaporizer. With help of an onboard LED screen, the Tec 6 Plus delivers constant, carefully-monitored amounts of desflurane with your patient.

GE Tec 6 Plus Vaporizer Features

  • Completes self-diagnostic exams each time the vaporizer is turned on.
  • Onboard LED display indicates no output, low agent, battery low, and warm-up.
  • Several intrinsic vaporizer monitoring functions and alarms that constantly monitor vaporizer status.
  • Large Capacity, Easy Refilling:
    • The Tec 6 Plus has a large, 425 mL sump capacity to accommodate nearly two full bottles of Desflurane, letting you use the vaporizer for extended periods before refilling.
    • Refilling can be done while the vaporizer is in use.
    • The exclusive Saf-T-Fill valve of the Desflurane bottle is designed to fit only the complementary filling device of the Tec 6 Plus, so you can refill quickly.
    • This valve helps prevent accidental release of vapor into the OR and helps to ensure that only Desflurane is introduced into the Tec 6 Plus.

GE Tec 6 Plus Vaporizer Specifications

  • Anesthetic Agent: Des / Desflurane.
  • Fill Type: Saf-T-Fill.
  • Voltage Requirement: 100 to 120 V AC 50/60 Hz or 220 to 240 V AC 50/60 Hz.
  • Concentration Range: 1 to 18%.
  • Liquid Capacity:
    • Working Volume: 375 mL.
    • Refill Indicator: 250 mL.
    • Reserve: 50 mL.
  • Weight: 20.9 lb (9.5 kg) when empty.
  • Depth: 9.9" (235 mm).
  • Width: 9.3" (110 mm).
  • Height: 4.3" (250 mm) in the unlocked position.

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