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The GE Marquette CASE Exercise Testing System includes Windows XP with software Rev. 6.73, GE Case console, Series 2000 or 2100 Treadmill, printer, CAM 14, patient cable, lead wires, treadmill interface cable, and power cables.

Warranty: 1 Year.

The CASE System is a stand-alone, highly scalable exercise testing solution that helps physicians quickly and easily access cardiac function during exercise. Its exclusive ergonomic features include a backlit keyboard and well-lit printing surface for effortless and confident operation in rooms darkened for stress echo tests. A centrally mounted, full-size monitor swivels for comfortable viewing. A familiar, Windows XP-based interface minimizes the learning curve and a flexible interface accommodates multiple custom set-ups.

Just as important, CASE offers a variety of powerful analysis tools and easy-to-use applications to optimize clinical decision-making; everything from advanced assessment tools such as the proven 12SL computer-interpreted 12-lead ECG analysis to full disclosure, incremental updating, and Duke Treadmill Score. Its signal-acquisition advances and innovative filtering are complemented by user-adjustable controls for performance fine-tuning.

Connect your CASE System to a local area network (LAN), and you can store patient data and test results to a central database. This enables physicians to review, edit, and print data remotely, for maximum efficiency in your stress lab.

GE Marquette CASE Exercise Testing System Features

  • Analysis Programs: Exercise Test Interpretation (XTI), ST/HR hysteresis analysis, full-disclosure date, risk-predicting algorithms, Finite Residual Filtering (FRF), and more.
  • Connectivity: Streamlined workflow and a smooth flow of information help speed patient care, increase staff productivity, and improve your business results.
  • Networking: Whether you need one CASE System or a dozen, this highly scalable solution can meet the performance and productivity requirements of virtually any facility.

GE Marquette CASE Exercise Testing System Configurations

  • #CASE-XP: Standard.
  • #CASE-XP-ST-BP: With Suntech Tango+ and Blood Pressure Programs.
  • #CASE-XP-ST-BP-SPO2: With Suntech Tango+, Blood Pressure, and SpO2 Programs.

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