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The Cadwell Sierra II Console EMG System comes standard with:

  • Cadwell Sierra II Wedge Laptop - installed with Windows 10 operating system and latest Sierra XP 3.3.3 software. Includes AC Wall Adapter and Battery (#MFI-CDW-SIERRA-II-WEDGE-LPTP).
  • MFI Medical Ethernet Communication Cable (#MFI-ETHER-3).
  • MFI Medical Universal Medical Grade Hospital Power Cord (#MFI-POWER-CORD-USA-6FT).
  • Sierra II Console Base Unit Controller/E-STIM (#500345-203/500341-202).
  • Sierra II Stimulator (#190140-200).
  • Sierra Amplifier Cable (#MFI-SIERRA-AMP-CABLE).
  • 2 Ch Amplifier (#190188-200).

Warranty: 90 Days - Parts and Labor.

Cadwell Sierra II EMG Console: A Larger Powerhouse: If you're working in a more stationary location, the Sierra II Console suits your needs perfectly. The chassis is rugged enough for a 21" monitor to sit directly on top of it for exceptional viewing quality. This system is typically set up with a desktop computer, monitor, and printer, and can be placed on our large custom cart that comes with the system or it can be placed on a desk in the lab. Almost any need can be accommodated. As with the portable Wedge unit, all EP capabilities are built into the base and EMG, NCV, F-Wave, H-Reflex, RNS, Blink Reflex, and SEP protocols are all standard.

Exclusive Software Features: EMG, NCV, F-Wave, H-Reflex, RNS, Blink Reflex, and SEP protocols are all standard in both the Sierra II and Console. Optional EP capabilities are available to expand the systems' functionality.

Report Generator: The Report Generator is a feature that many users won't live without. Unlimited custom templates can be created and assigned to specific tests, or choose from an extensive list of factory-set report templates. Traces, including EMG, tabulated measurements, patient information, findings, conclusions, and comments can all be part of the report. The report generator has a unique feature called sentence generator. It derives grammatically correct sentences from tabular data normal value information, then displays the results based on preset user-defined parameters. The user can choose to see abnormal results, normal and abnormal results, results grouped by nerve or abnormality and the actual wording of the sentence. Many reports can be signature ready in one minute! Reports can be faxed or emailed for viewing and analysis.

Weight: 12 lb (5.3 kg) - Console / 18 lb - System.

Cadwell Sierra II Console EMG Accessories

The following accessories are compatible and commonly purchased with the Cadwell Sierra II Console EMG System.

  • Equipment:
    • Cadwell Footswitch (#190218-200).
    • Cadwell Instrument Cart (#197194-200).
    • Cadwell Travel Case (#198203-000).
    • Isolation Transformer.
    • Sierra Amplifier Arm.
  • Supplies (Additional brands and options available):
    • Parker Spectra 360 Electrode Gel.
    • 3M Transpore Surgical Tape.
    • MFI Medical Reusable EMG Ground Electrode.
    • MFI Medical Bar EMG Electrode.
    • MFI Medical Ring EMG Electrodes.
    • MFI Medical Paired EMG Disc Electrodes.
    • Technomed Disposable Adhesive EMG 4-Disk Surface Electrodes (#xxx).
    • Technomed Disposable Monopolar EMG Needle Electrode.

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