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The Cadwell Easy II EEG/PSG Machine includes a 32 channel Easy II EEG Amplifier (#190179-200), Power/Com Module (#197145-200), Easy II Amplifier Cable, Ethernet Cable, PSG components, and power cord.

Warranty: 90 Days - Parts and Labor.

The Easy II EEG/PSG is a fully digital 32-channel system that is flexible enough to accommodate almost any practice or hospital need. It will be set up as a portable EEG system with a laptop computer for out-of-lab or in-lab data collection. As a true multi-modality system, a single Easy II System can be used to collect sleep study data at night and EEG data during the day.

The Cadwell EEG Amplifier uses an ultra-high sampling rate of 2400 samples per second to provide the cleanest signal possible, with the least amount of artifact. The acquisition and reviewing software includes Cadwell's highly acclaimed report generator and record manager utilities.

Cadwell Easy II EEG/PSG Machine Accessories

The following accessories are compatible and commonly purchased with the Easy II EEG/PSG Machine:

  • Equipment:
    • #MFI-CDW-EASY-II-LPTP: Cadwell Easy II Laptop Computer.
    • #MFI-CDW-EASY-II-DESK: Cadwell Easy II Desktop Computer.
    • #MFI-CDW-190186-200: Easy II DC Amplifier.
    • #MFI-CDW-190237-200: Easy II 10-20 Remote Input Box.
    • #MFI-CDW-EASY-II-REMOTE: Easy II Top Mount 10-20 Remote Input Box.
    • #MFI-CDW-190182-200: Photic Stimulator.
    • #MFI-IR-PSG-LTM-CAMERA: MFI Medical IR PSG & LTM Sleep System Camera.
    • #MFI-CDW-197224-200: Cadwell Instrument Cart.
    • EFS-10 Flash Stimulator.
    • #MFI-50-PIN: MFI Medical 50 Pin Male to Male Cable.
    • Remote Input Box Communication Cable.
    • Photic Stimulator Communication Cable.
  • PSG and LTM Only Supplies:
    • #1200: SleepSense Dynamic Snore Sensor.
    • #9010-Kit: SleepSense Reusable Inductive System - Adult Kit.
    • #1450-Kit: SleepSense Thermistor Flow Sensor Kit.
    • #1561-Kit: SleepSense AC Body Position Sensor Kit.
    • #1770-Kit: SleepSense Limb Movement Sensor Kit.
    • #8110-T100A300: SleepSense Adult Soft-Tip SpO2 Sensor - Nonin Compatible.
    • SleepSense Adult Nasal Pressure Monitoring Cannula (Multiple Options).
  • EEG, LTM and PSG Supplies:
    • #ADC-396: ADC EKG Woven Tape Measure.
    • Technomed Reusable EEG Cup Electrode.
    • Weaver Nuprep Skin Prep Gel.
    • Weaver Ten20 Conductive Paste.
    • Dynarex Stretch Gauze Bandage Roll.
    • Dynarex Cloth Surgical Tape.
    • 10/20 BraiNet Template.

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