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The Bistos BT-300 Dual Fetal Monitor includes three probe belts, two packs of printer paper, an ultrasound Doppler probe, UC probe, power adapter and cord, event marker jack, ultrasound gel, and an operation manual.

Warranty: 2 Years - Defects.

The BT-300 is an antepartum monitor that features an LED display, printer, high sensitivity 1 MHz probe, a simultaneous external twin FHR with dual pulsed Doppler, and a RS-232 wire and wireless connection capability.

The unit brings quality, dependability, and affordability with its many features ranging from internal printer to PC interfacing and high quality probes. The printer is thermal array type, and has customizable speed and contrast. The PC Interfacing BCM-330 feature allows you to control up to eight monitors remotely with a central PC. Simultaneously play and record fetal heart sound with multi-language supports (RS-232C).

The BT-300 is FDA and CE approved, giving you confidence that you are purchasing a quality product you can trust.

Bistos BT-300 Dual Fetal Monitor Features

  • Refined design and easy to use.
  • Compact and portable.
  • Hypersensitive.
  • Free voltage adapter.
  • Auto fetal movement measurement.
  • Alarm and timer.
  • Printing speed and color depth control functions.
  • Automatic printing and zoom.

Bistos BT-300 Dual Fetal Monitor Specifications

  • FHR:
    • Ultrasound Frequency: 1 MHz.
    • Intensity: 10 Mw/cm2 or less.
    • Accuracy: ± 2% of range.
    • Range: 30 - 240 bpm.
  • UC:
    • Measurement Range: 0 ~ 99.
    • Frequency Response: DC ~ 0.5 Hz.
    • Reference [zero] control.
    • External type.
  • Printer:
    • Type: Thermal Array.
    • Paper Feeding function.
    • Speed: 1, 2, 3 cm/min, high.
    • Auto print (min): Off, 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60.
  • Function:
    • FHR II offset.
    • Auto FM Print.
    • Mark function.
    • Zoom-in function.
  • Power:
    • Input: AC 100 ~ 240 V (50 ~ 60 Hz).
    • Consumption: 80 VA.
    • Output: DC 16 V, 2.8 A.
  • Central Monitoring System:
    • BCM-350 (RS-232C/Bluetooth).
    • Unlimited Multi-language support.

Bistos BT-300 Dual Fetal Monitor Configurations

  • #300: Standard (No Rechargeable Battery).
  • #300-BAT15: With Rechargeable Battery.

Bistos BT-300 Dual Fetal Monitor Accessories

The BT-300 Fetal Monitor is commonly purchased with:

  • Acoustic Stimulator (#AST300).
  • Cart (#CRT300)
  • Doppler Transducer (#DOP300).
  • Toco Transducer (#UC300).
  • Thermal Printer Paper (#PAP300).
  • Rechargeable Battery (#BAT15).

Bistos BT-300 Dual Fetal Monitor Literature

Bistos BT-300 Fetal Monitor Spec Sheet

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