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The Abbott Lifecare 5000 is a state-of-the-art medication management system that meets the growing demand for hospital, alternate site, and home healthcare standardization. The Lifecare 5000 provides accurate, non-pulsatile administration of single fluid regimens, dual channel regimens, piggybacks, and multidose regimens all over a plethora of delivery rates and fluid viscosities. Thanks to it's advanced internal switch settings, this infusion system can be uniquely configured by a qualified bio-technician to meet the individual needs of your clinic or the census changes of the hospital.

Warranty: 6 Months.

Note: The following error codes are used to indicate a problem.

  • Door/Cassette.
  • Air in Line.

Abbott Lifecare 5000 Features

  • Provides accurate non-pulsatile administration.
  • Features a wide range of delivery rates and fluid viscosities.
  • Internal switch-settings allow you to configure the system to meet your specific needs.

Abbott Lifecare 5000 Specifications


  • Dimensions: Approximately 18 x 23 x 23 cm (7 x 9 x 9 in), excluding pole clamp protrusion and power cord storage.
  • Weight: Approximately 6.0 kg (13 lb) with battery.
  • Casing: High-impact plastic.


  • Power Requirements: 110-120 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 30 W.
  • Power Cord: Hospital-grade AC cord. 8 ft long, with transparent plug and retainer plate.
  • Fuses: 0.5 A, 250 V, Slow Blowing.
  • Battery: One sealed, lead-acid, rechargeable 8 V battery, internal to device. Accessible for ease of field replacement, with color-coded leads and polarized connector.
  • Battery Life: New batteries, full charge, at 20° C. Approximately 500 mL total volume delivered or six hours of operation, whichever occurs first.
  • Recharge: Battery on recharge at any time unit is plugged in.
  • Recharge Rate: To 80% of prior charge in 16 hours while operating at a delivery rate of 125 mL/hr or lower.
  • Self-Discharge: 50% of charge retained for at least one month when unit is neither plugged in nor operating.
  • Electrical Leakage: Risk current limits meet AAMI/ANSI SCL (ungrounded 12/78 standard.
  • Environment: 10-40° C, 10-90% humidity.

Delivery Rate Range

  • Micro Mode: 0.1 to 99.9 mL/hr (in 0.1 mL increments). The total of the primary rate plus the secondary rate cannot exceed 99.9 mL/hr in Micro Mode.While using the concurrent delivery feature in the Micro Mode, neither the primary rate nor the secondary rate can be less than 0.5 mL/hr.
  • Macro Mode: 1 to 999 mL/hr (in 1 mL increments). The total of the primary rate plus the secondary rate cannot exceed 700 mL/hr in Macro Mode.

Dose Limit Range

  • Micro Mode: 0.1 to 999 mL (in 0.1 mL increments).
  • Macro Mode: 1 to 9,999 mL (in 1 mL increments).
  • Operating Backpressure: -2 to 10 psig. The maximum pressure is user-selectable from 1 to 10 psig, via the front panel touchswitches.
  • Secondary Doses: For dual-channel delivery, a single dose of a secondary fluid may be administered. For multidose delivery, 1 to 24 doses of a secondary fluid may be administered at intervals from 15 minutes to 24 hours.

Occlusion Alarm

  • Distal: The distal occlusion alarm sounds within two pumping cycles after the distal set tubing or set outlet fitting becomes occluded.
  • Proximal: The Proximal occlusion alarm sounds within five pumping cycles if the tubing proximal to the cassette becomes occluded.

Air-In-Line Alarm

  • Distal: The stopped air-in-distal-line alarm will sound if a bubble 100 μL or larger passes the distal air-in-line sensors (the alarm may actually sound at detection of a bubble as small as 50 μL).
  • Proximal: The stopped air-in-proximal-line alarm will sound if approximately 1,200 μL or more passes through the proximal air-in-line sensors.
  • Nurse Call System: Nurse call alarm is factory set for Normally Open (NO). Contact the Technical Services Center to make an internal adjustment to change the Infuser from a Normally Open (NO) to Normally Closed (NC) system.
  • Flow Detector: Optional. Detects drops when attached to the primary site chamber. Used to identify empty container conditions.

Abbott Lifecare 5000 Literature

Abbott Lifecare 5000 Operator's Manual

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