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Zoll develops medical devices and software that help advance emergency care and save lives. Their products span the range of defibrillation monitoring, circulation and CPR feedback, data management, therapeutic temperature management, and ventilation.

Zoll's most popular product is the AED Plus Defibrillator. At MFI, we carry the AED Plus Defibrillator Package which includes an AED Cover, CPR-D Padz Electrode, a sleeve of ten Lithium Batteries, Soft Carry Case, and an operator's guide. The AED Plus has the lowest total cost of all AEDs on the market, making it a great choice for large organizations and offices that seek the highest quality AED at the best price. Research shows that survivability for cardiac arrest victims increases from 5 to 24% when an AED is used. Therefore, having an AED on site helps not only with safety, but also with peace of mind. The AED Plus is powered by lithium batteries that last five years, meaning once the unit is installed or placed, maintenance costs are minimal.

Another product available from Zoll is the ResQCPR System. The ResQCPR is an innovative tool used by emergency personnel to improve the effectiveness of traditional CPR. The device works by regulating airflow during the chest wall recoil phase of CPR to enhance the vacuum in a patient's chest. This results in more blood being returned to the heart and a lowering of pressure within the skull. The device is compact and lightweight, and easily fits onto an emergency vehicle. Training for the ResQCPR System is easy for both basic skilled and advanced skilled life support personnel.

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