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The GE ProCare 400 Vital Signs Monitor includes US power cord, Lithium-Ion Rechargeable Battery, Adult Blood Pressure Reusable Cuff, and 12 ft DINACLICK blood pressure hose.

Warranty: 90 Days - Parts and Labor.

With the DINAMAP ProCare Series, you can take BP measurements that are fast, accurate, and comfortable. Get reliable temperature readings in seconds. And get oxygen saturation readings with your choice of leading SpO2 technologies. Which means you spend less time checking vitals and more time on actual patient care.

GE ProCare 400 Vital Signs Monitor Features

  • DINAMAP non-invasive blood pressure.
  • IVAC Turbo-Temp
  • Nellcor OxiMax SpO2.
  • Easy to use.
  • Low Maintenance.
  • Easy to repair.
  • Durable.
  • Weight: 7.8 lb (3.5 kg).

GE ProCare 400 Vital Signs Monitor Configurations

Product Number NIBP Temperature SpO2 Printer
#MFI-GEH-PROCARE-400 Included x x x
#MFI-GEH-PROCARE-400-ALARIS Included Alaris TurboTemp x x
#MFI-GEH-PROCARE-400-OHMEDA Included x GE Ohmeda x
#MFI-GEH-PROCARE-400-NELLCOR Included x Nellcor x
#MFI-GEH-PROCARE-400-MASIMO Included x Masimo x
#MFI-GEH-PROCARE-400-ALARIS-OHMEDA Included Alaris TurboTemp GE Ohmeda x
#MFI-GEH-PROCARE-400-ALARIS-NELLCOR Included Alaris TurboTemp Nellcor x
#MFI-GEH-PROCARE-400-ALARIS-MASIMO Included Alaris TurboTemp Masimo x
#MFI-GEH-PROCARE-400-EXERGEN-OHMEDA Included Exergen GE Ohmeda x
#MFI-GEH-PROCARE-400-EXERGEN-NELLCOR Included Exergen Nellcor x
#MFI-GEH-PROCARE-400-EXERGEN-MASIMO Included Exergen Masimo x
#MFI-GEH-PROCARE-400-P Included x x Included
#MFI-GEH-PROCARE-400-ALARIS-P Included Alaris TurboTemp x Included
#MFI-GEH-PROCARE-400-OHMEDA-P Included x GE Ohmeda Included
#MFI-GEH-PROCARE-400-NELLCOR-P Included x Nellcor Included
#MFI-GEH-PROCARE-400-MASIMO-P Included x Masimo Included
#MFI-GEH-PROCARE-400-ALARIS-OHMEDA-P Included Alaris TurboTemp GE Ohmeda Included
#MFI-GEH-PROCARE-400-ALARIS-NELLCOR-P Included Alaris TurboTemp Nellcor Included
#MFI-GEH-PROCARE-400-ALARIS-MASIMO-P Included Alaris TurboTemp Masimo Included
#MFI-GEH-PROCARE-400-EXERGEN-OHMEDA-P Included Exergen GE Ohmeda Included
#MFI-GEH-PROCARE-400-EXERGEN-NELLCOR-P Included Exergen Nellcor Included
#MFI-GEH-PROCARE-400-EXERGEN-MASIMO-P Included Exergen Masimo Included

GE ProCare 400 Vital Signs Monitor Literature

GE DINAMAP Pro Series 100 - 400 V2 Service Manual

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