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Unico is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of accurate and user-friendly laboratory equipment, which help save the lives of patients every day. They offer a variety of innovative and technical tools that are applicable to doctor’s offices, veterinarians, researchers, teachers, and, of course, laboratories. Unico started in 1991 and ever since have been focused on providing superb technology and technical support for all of their customers. 

Laboratory Essentials

Take a look at the many offerings MFI Medical carries from this unique brand.


There’s a wide fleet of centrifuges to choose from, and each with their own advantages. There’s the PowerSpin LX Centrifuge, capable of separating fecal matter, blood, and urine for superior samples. For more portability, the PowerSpin Porta-Spin Portable Centrifuge allows technicians to take their lab on the road for mobile calls. Whatever your needs may be, Unico has a centrifuge that is a perfect fit for your laboratory or mobile lab.


An incubator is vital to any working laboratory, as it creates an optimal, controlled environment to grow cell cultures for research.  MFI carries Unico incubators that range from a 6 liter chamber capacity, to a whopping 30 liter chamber capacity. These incubators are steel-lined, climate-controlled, and have solid doors to keep samples secure.


Microscopes could be considered one of the most vital pieces of equipment in the lab. It’s what allows technicians to view samples on a nano scale, and help diagnose a patient. There are several variable microscopes to choose from,  each with incredible and unique features for different functions. Some have dual head eyepieces, so that two technicians can view a sample at once, or in a tutorial setting. There are also microscopes with camera attachments, light attachments, heated stages, and inverted models. No matter what your technical needs may be, we’re sure Unico has a microscope that will be the perfect fit.


These unique devices measure the levels of light absorption from a particular chemical or compound, which can reveal the properties of the samples. MFI carries the following spectrophotometers from Unico:

  • S1000 Visible Spectrophotometer.
  • S2150UV UV-Visible Spectrophotometer.
  • SpectroQuest SQ4802 Double Beam UV-Visible Spectrophotometer.
  • S1205 Visible Spectrophotometer.

And these are just a few of the spectrophotometers available! 

Dispensers and Holders

It’s important to keep a clean environment around your laboratory, so as not to influence or contaminate results. As such, we recommend that technicians invest in dispensers and holders to keep paper towels, wipes, and gloves within easy reach. Unico offers standalone holders, as well as dual dispensers to hold more than one sterile need.

Specials on Laboratory Equipment

At MFI Medical, we not only enjoy finding the latest and greatest medical devices, we love working with top brands to bring you the best prices possible. Over on our Specials page, you’ll find some great deals and discounts on essential equipment, including laboratory equipment from Unico. But be sure to check back frequently! These deals change throughout the year.

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