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Transport Stretchers

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Transport stretchers offer safe and efficient patient transport within healthcare facilities and during emergency situations. Combining reliability, safety, and comfort, transport stretchers are one of the most common and safest methods of moving patients from one area to another. One common use case example is when a patient undergoing surgery needs to be transported from their patient room to the operating room. In this situation, it is highly likely that the medical professional will use a transport stretcher to move the patient.

MFI Medical carries top-of-the-line transport stretchers from brands like Hausted, Hill-Rom, WY East Medical (makers of the TotalLift), and Stryker. You will find a variety of different features ranging from hydraulic and power controls, manual to automatic settings, as well as accessories like O2 tank holders, IV pole storage, and brake controls.

Transport Stretchers

One of MFI's best selling transport stretchers, the Stryker Advantage Stretcher, is also one of the most reliable stretchers on the market. It is frequently used by many facilities as a means of transporting patients. It is equipped with dual pedestal hydraulics, memory foam padding, and other features to allow for safe transport of patients.

The Hill-Rom P8020 Electric Transport Stretcher was designed to combine the comfort of a hospital bed with the mobility of a transport stretcher. Hill-Rom's P8020 has a number of features that make it a versatile choice among private practices, hospitals, and clinics.

The Hill-Rom GPS Stretcher is also a popular choice, as it features hydraulic adjustable height, collapsible side rails, and controls on both sides of the stretcher. In addition to transport, the Hill-Rom GPS Stretcher can also be used for recovery and minor procedures.

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