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The Ferno Bradco Basket Stretcher System (#RE01230499) is an all-aluminum, heavy-duty stretcher frame with an attached high density polyethylene shell. This system includes the stretcher, a double flap cover, lifting straps, and patient restraint strap system. This stretcher is ideal for both vertical and horizontal rescue.

Warranty: 2 Years. 

The durable, polyethylene frame is versatile for nearly any situation, as it's smooth enough to resist snags and protrusions that responders might encounter in the terrain. Patients are secured via a spring-suspended restraint system that keeps the patient elevated from the bottom of the stretcher shell. This is ensures a more comfortable transport, with less jostling and preventing potential further damage.

Ferno Bradco Basket Stretcher System Features

  • Suspension support to keep patients elevated for smooth transport.
  • Colored yellow for quick identification.
  • High density polyethylene endures rough terrain.
  • System includes stretcher, double flap cover, lifting straps, and patient restraint system.

Ferno Bradco Basket Stretcher System Specifications

  • Weight: 39.5 lbs (18 kg).
  • Width: 26 in (65 cm).
  • Length: 81 in (206 cm).
  • Load Rating: 2,500 lbs (1,134 kg).

Ferno Bradco Basket Stretcher System Accessories

The Ferno Bradco Basket Stretcher System is commonly purchased with the following items. Please note that these are NOT included with purchase of the stretcher, and are instead sold separately.

  • #0313898: Ferno Traverse Soft Eye Litter Bridle.
  • #0313897: Ferno Traverse Hard Eye Litter Bridle.
  • #0312390: Ferno 418-1 Adjustable Lifting Bridle for Basket Stretchers.

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