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Sunnex has been providing high-quality, wide-use medical lighting products for over 40 years. No matter what demands may be met in all manner of medical environments, Sunnex has a light series that fits the needs of both user and patient. Many of these lamps are also heat-free for user and patient comfort.

Sunnex's state-of-the-art technology is suitable for surgical suites, examination environments, and doctor offices. They even have a series of lights designed for compatible use with MRI equipment. These lights come in a variety of mounts and configurations for attachment to examination tables, walls, chairs, and more.

All Sunnex lights are durable, high-performing, and low-maintenance. They're backed with a 3-year warranty for performance and parts, coupled with a lifetime customer support guarantee.

Types of Lights Available

Surgical Lights

Sunnex surgical lights provide high-intensity white light to keep procedures clear and efficient. These surgical lights are designed to minimize shadows and be mounted on a drift-free arm. The lamp heads emit wider light patterns than other lights, in order to provide head-to-toe coverage for surgical suites of any size.

  • Celestial Star.
  • Tri-Star.
  • Leo Minor.

Examination Lights

Sunnex examination lights often provide the same high-intensity, white light as surgical lamps do, but are typically smaller, more flexible, and designed for private environments.

  • Solo Spot.
  • PF Series 50 W.
  • HM Series 20 W.
  • RLM Series Magnifier.

MRI Lights

MRI machines are vital pieces of equipment for any hospital or clinic, but they're sensitive machines as well. Sunnex has manufactured special versions of their Celestial Star and PF Series lights that are fully compatible with MRI equipment. These lights can also be used in MRI guided surgical procedures.

  • Celestial Star MRI.
  • PF Series MRI.

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