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Summit Doppler manufactures a variety of doppler systems including fetal dopplers, vascular dopplers, and their accessories.

The Summit Doppler LifeDop L250 Hand-Held Doppler is a versatile doppler system that accepts the full line of non-directional probes for obstetrical or vascular applications. This system is catered to the user, and uses a standard phone cord to connect the probe to the doppler. Over time, these doppler to probe connections wear out and break. With Summit Doppler probes, customers can replace the cable with any phone cord, saving money and down time.

Summit Doppler also produces probes like the 2 MHz Waterproof Obstetrical Probe. This probe is made for obstetric use in water applications, such as water-assisted labor and in the labor and delivery department where the probe needs to be waterproof. LifeDop probes are designed to provide excellent sensitivity and maximum durability.

Summit Doppler also offers ABI systems like the Summit Doppler ABI Vascular Cuff Package. This package is compatible with LifeDop dopplers; it completes these systems by providing blood pressure management.

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