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The Stryker SMRT Power System (#6500-033-000) is Stryker's automatic power management technology for extended battery life offering your Power-PRO cot superior performance in the high-pressure world of EMS.

Warranty: 1 Year.

Note: Does not include charger. Replacement battery only.

The SMRT Power System eliminates the time-consuming and elaborating charging protocols and "tuning" usually required for maintaining reliable, high-performance battery-powered systems.

The battery pack charges to full capacity in approximately two hours. The battery can be recharged in-ambulance or using a wall outlet (optional). SMRT paks have ventless, sealed construction to tolerate wet and dirty environments. On a full charge, this battery can provide power for 15 - 20 "calls" with patients an average weight of 250 lb (actual results may vary). Both the battery and chargers are in-ambulance mountable and crash-tested.

Easily change a SMRT pak with one hand in seconds. To remove the SMRT pak from your cot, press the red release button and slide the SMRT pak out. Slide in a fresh SMRT pak until you hear a click.

Note: This Stryker SMRT battery is only compatible with genuine Stryker chargers. Charging a Stryker SMRT battery with a non-Stryker charger will damage the battery and void the warranty.

Stryker SMRT Power System Features

  • Fast Charging: Approximately two hours.
  • Zero Memory: Make repeated partial charges with no impact on performance.
  • Convenient Recharging: In-ambulance and wall outlet charging options (sold separately).
  • Sealed durable construction for all-weather toughness.
  • Vehicle-ready and crash-tested.
  • Easily change a SMRT pak with one hand.
  • Compatible with genuine Stryker chargers.
  • Weight: 3.8 lb (1.7 kg) (SMRT Pak only).

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