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The Stryker 5050 Eye Surgery Stretcher is available with your choice of footrest, independently or dependently maneuvered from the backrest, and choice of standard swing-down siderails or patient transfer siderails. It is certified to proper operating specifications and in excellent condition.

Warranty: 1 Year - Parts and Labor.

Stryker's versatile 5050 Stretcher Chair offers multiple position options for superior versatility. The chair's easy positioning from a flat horizontal stretcher to a chair position helps achieve superior clinical performance and patient comfort. Ideal for surgery centers and small spaces, the stretcher chair maximizes patient throughput.

The pneumatic backrest maneuvers 0 to 90 degrees. Twin jacks also allow the Model 5050 to be placed in a comfortable "recliner" position. The foot section can be moved dependently or independently of the backrest.

The durable Stryker Stretcher Chair performs multiple functions while enhancing stability, ease of use, comfort, mobility, and safety.

Stryker 5050 Stretcher Chair Features

  • Dual hydraulic jacks optimize stability for greater comfort and a more secure treatment platform.
  • Solid steel rings securely clamp down over all four wheels to ensure a firmly locked working surface.
  • Lumbar support, ergonomic seat tilt, and a 24" wide patient surface all add up to enhanced patient comfort.
  • Four IV receptacles.
  • Four-wheel brake system.
  • CPR capable design.
  • Fiberesin pneumatic Fowler.
  • Fixed-position push bar.
  • Hands-free Trendelenburg.
  • Locking caster steering.
  • Variable control descent.
  • Swing-down side rails with comfort armrest (standard).
  • Patient transfer siderails provide a stable and safe way to transfer patients in and out of the stretcher (optional).

Stryker 5050 Stretcher Chair Specifications

  • Overall Length: 76" (193 cm).
  • Width:
    • Overall: 30" (76 cm).
    • Litter: 27.5" (70 cm).
  • Weight Capacity: 400 lb (182 kg).
  • Height Range:
    • High: 33.5" (85 cm).
    • Low: 22" (56 cm).
  • Litter Positioning:
    • Backrest: 0 to 90°.
    • Leg: 0 to 80°.
    • Trendelenburg/Reverse Trendelenburg: +/- 45°.
  • Siderails: +/- 45°.
    • Standard: 10" x 31" (25 cm x 79 cm).
  • Patient Surface: 24" x 74" (61 cm x 188 cm).
  • Caster Diameter: 6" (15 cm).

Stryker 5050 Stretcher Chair Configurations 

SKU Siderails Footrest
#MFI-SYK-5050-PTS-DF Patient Transfer Dependent
#MFI-SYK-5050-PTS Patient Transfer Independent
#MFI-SYK-5050-DF Standard Dependent
#MFI-SYK-5050 Standard Independent

Stryker 5050 Stretcher Chair Certification

The Stryker 5050 Stretcher Chair is certified to proper operating specifications by MFI Medical and subject to its rigorous certification process.

  • Initial Inspection: Done by a biomedical engineer to test for functionality and determine any parts that need to be replaced.
  • Disassembly: Stretcher is then taken apart for intensive cleaning, sanding, and replacement of parts. Moving parts are lubricated and tested for proper function.
  • Intensive Cleaning: Equipment is power washed to remove any unwanted particles.
  • Repair and Replacement of Parts: Damaged or missing parts are repaired or replaced with original equipment manufacturer (OEM) replacement parts. Pad is replaced with new upholstery or padding as needed.
  • Painting: Painted parts are repainted to restore equipment to like-new condition.
  • Relabeling: OEM labels are replaced with new OEM labels.
  • Reassembly: Equipment is reassembled while each part is inspected for accuracy and condition.
  • Final Certification: Equipment is inspected by our biomedical technicians to ensure equipment is in proper operating specifications. Cosmetic condition is inspected by MFI's quality control team.

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