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The Ritter M11 UltraClave Automatic Sterilizer is in excellent condition and refurbished to proper operating specifications.

Warranty: 1 Year - Parts and Labor (Extended Warranty available).

The M11 UltraClave is a digital (automatic) steam pressure autoclave. The door automatically opens when the machine is in dry mode. It is one of the largest tabletop sterilizers on the market.

With the emergence of many aggressive, infectious organisms, there is an ever-increasing need for efficient, effective instrument processing in your practice. The M11 is the largest member of the Ritter family of autoclaves. Its unique 11" x 18" chamber gives it the distinction of having the largest sterilizing capacity of any standard counter-top sterilizer on the market, making it perfect for larger packs and instruments.

This product is primarily used by veterinarians or surgeons, but is also used in a range of other settings, including active surgery center, medical practice, schools, industrial lab, doctor's clinic, or tattoo establishment.

Note: If you would like a custom extended warranty, please contact MFI Medical to personalize your order. Additional cost may be applied. We will contact you before processing a custom order.

Ritter M11 UltraClave Automatic Sterilizer Features

  • Exclusive automatic-opening door for ease of use and a quick drying time.
  • Large chamber for increased capacity.
  • Air Removal System:
    • 1st Generation: Diaphragm Bellow System.
    • 2nd Generation/Current Model: Steam-Flush Pressure Pulse Air Removal System ensures proper steam penetration.
  • Self program controls enable you to create different cycle parameters to meet specific instrument processing needs.
  • Pre-programmed controls for convenience.
  • LCD display for easy view of indicators.
  • Meets UL 61010-1, IEC 61010-2-040.
  • Meets CAN/CSA C22.2 No. 61010-1, CSA C22.2 No. 61010-2-040-07 Part 2-040.
  • ASME Certified.

Ritter M11 UltraClave Automatic Sterilizer Specifications

  • Overall Length: 23.8" (60.5 cm) with plug.
  • Overall Width: 17.8" (45.2 cm).
  • Overall Height: 17.8" (45.2 cm) with printer.
  • Minimum Countertop Area: 17.8" x 21" (45.2 cm x 53.3 cm).
  • Chamber:
    • 11" Diameter (28 cm).
    • 18" Depth (45.7 cm).
    • 6.5 gallons usable volume (24.6 liters).
  • Trays:
    • Two Large: 9" (W) x 15" (L) x 1.1" (D) (22.9 cm x 38 cm x 2.9 cm).
    • Two Small: 6.6" (W) x 15" (L) x 1.1" (D) (16.8 cm x 38 cm x 2.9 cm).
  • Unit Weight: 99 lb (44.9 kg).
  • Shipping Weight: 131 lb (59.4 kg).
  • Water Reservoir Capacity: 1.4 gallons (5.3 liters).
  • Electrical Requirements:
    • 115 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 15 amps, single phase.
    • 115 VAC has 1425 watt tubular immersion heater.

Ritter M11 UltraClave Automatic Sterilizer Configurations

  • #MFI-MMK-M11-022-PREVIOUS: 1st Generation.
  • #MFI-MMK-M11-022: 2nd Generation.

Ritter M11 UltraClave Automatic Sterilizer Accessories

The following accessories are compatible with the M11 UltraClave Automatic Sterilizer:

  • #002-0371-00: M9/M11 Printer Refill Kit.
  • Speed-Clean Chamber Cleaner:
    • #002-0396-00: Single Bottle.
    • #002-0396-05: Case of 12.
  • #9A215001: M11 Horizontal Cassette Rack.
  • #9A215002: M11 Vertical Cassette Rack.
  • #9A226001: M9/M11 Sterilizer Pouch Rack.
  • #9A259001: M9/M11 Impact Dot Matrix Printer (Note: Only compatible with 2nd generation model).
  • #9A307001: Tray and Cassette Removal Tool.

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