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The Sony UPP-110HD High Density Thermal Printer Paper is thermal sensitive, black and white print media for the 897MD, D897, UP-898, and UP-X898 printers.

Warranty: Until Use or Expiration.

The versatile print media is also compatible with previous models, such as the UP-860, 860CE, D860, D860E, UP-890MD, 890CE, D890, UP-895MD, 895CE, D895, and D895MD.

Sony UPP-110HD High Density Printing Paper Features

  • 10 Rolls per Case.
  • Approximately 270 Prints per Roll.
  • Picture Size: A7.
  • 110 mm Wide x 20 mm Long.
  • High water resistance.
  • High-gloss, high-quality prints.
  • Printer head-matching performance.
  • Grey-scale reproduction.
  • Anti-electrostatic layer.
  • Minimal curling.
  • High humidity and heat resistance.
  • Excellent tearing properties.
  • Rigorous manufacturing quality control systems.

Sony UPP-110HD High Density Printing Paper Configurations

  • #15878: Generic Equivalent (Leonhard Lang USA Brand).
  • #UPP110HD: Original (Sony Brand).

Sony UPP-110HD High Density Printing Paper Literature

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