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The Skintact Foam Rectangle Wet Gel Electrode features a stainless steel stud, and is made with Foam backing and Aqua-Wet liquid gel.

Skintact liquid gel the electrodes are made with "Aqua-Wet" gel that performs quick pick-up of ECG signals regardless of inadequacy of skin prep. Aqua-Wet gel electrodes are ideal for short-term monitoring and give dependable quick tracing with easy application and removal.

All Leonhard Lang Skintact electrodes are made from environmentally friendly materials and may be disposed of using standard waste disposal procedures unless clinical protocol requires differently.

Please Note: The FS-RC/3 and FS-RC/5 electrodes are special order items, and take 10 - 13 weeks to ship. The FS-RC/4 usually ships next business day.

Skintact Foam Rectangle Wet Gel Electrode Features:

  • Hypoallergenic.
  • Latex-free.
  • Diaphopretic.
  • AG/AGCL.
  • Foam backing protects sensor and increases flexibility.
  • Aqua-Wet liquid gel with quick ECG pick up and easy application/removal.

Skintact Foam Rectangle Wet Gel Electrode Specifications:

  • Style: Rectangle electrode.
  • Material: Foam.

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