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The pulmonary system in the body is anything relating to the lungs, including blood flow and aspiration. This complicated system provides the vital oxygenated blood to our bodies, and it’s why responders check if a patient is breathing first when reaching an emergency situation. MFI carries the essential tools needed to ensure that the lungs and heart are functioning together, as well as emergency equipment for patients with pulmonary issues.

Aspiration and Suction

When foreign objects or liquids enter the larynx, this causes the patient to start coughing or choking as a reflex to dislodge it or expel it. If a patient is unable to do so, such as in an emergency situation, aspiration and suction devices can quickly clear the air passage.

MFI carries high-powered aspiration units, as well as accessories including liners, filters, collection jars, and tubing. The collection jars are available in plastic or glass material.


Defibrillation is a treatment for patients suffering from cardiac dysrhythmias. MFI carries a variety of defibrillators, including portable units and stationary ones. Some defibrillators include instructions, but please note that some units require a prescription to purchase.


Defibrillator accessories are also available, including pads for various-sized patients, mounting brackets, batteries, storage cabinets, cases, remote controllers and more.


When patients have trouble breathing on their own in an emergency situation, a ventilator can provide the relief they need. When out in the field, a transport ventilator can provide temporary relief until patients reach a hospital. Once connected to an oxygen source, ventilators can control the rate of breathing and set alarms for when patients go beyond set parameters.

Ventilators need additional accessories to provide optimum air supply, and these include oxygen cells, valves, tubing circuits, filters, couplers, and carrying cases.

Sterilization and Cleaning

Disposable ventilation accessories, such as tubing and filters, are designed for one-time use, so that patients won’t accidentally inhale bacteria, fungi, and bodily fluids from previous patients. At MFI Medical, autoclaves and cleaning solutions are available for sanitizing stainless steel tools, to get rid of these harmful substances. Antibacterial and soap dispensers are available to keep hands clean and sterile.

Specials on Pulmonary Treatment Devices

We understand that it’s important to have these tools at your disposal in an emergency, and work hard with the brands you trust to make them readily available. But we go a step beyond and work with brands to provide the best pricing on these items as well. Check out our Specials page to learn more about our latest deals for pulmonary equipment.

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