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The Chattanooga Triton 6M Traction Table is made up of six sections and utilizes a combination of gas springs and electric power to assist manual adjustment making controlling table positioning easy.

Warranty: 2 years on the delivered product and a 1 year warranty on its upholstered parts.

Each section of the Triton 6M Traction Table is adjustable. For example the pelvic tilt section can be adjusted from 0° to 15°, the leg section from 0° to 45°, and the head piece from -15° to +40°. This provides you with a wide variety of patient positioning options. A wide range of accessories is also available making the 6M the perfect choice for any physical therapist's practice.

Chattanooga Triton 6M Traction Table Features

  • Designed with six sections to provide maximum patient comfort in prone and supine positions for both manual and traction therapy.
  • The pelvic tilt section can be adjusted from 0° to 15° to provide flexion of the lumbar spine and to help address pelvic asymmetry.
  • The leg section is adjustable from 0° to 45°.
  • The head piece can be repositioned from -15° to +40° for easy access to the thoracic and cervical spine.
  • Tuck-away grab bars ensure hanging traction without thoracic restraint.
  • Gas springs make friction-free movement of the head, pelvic, chest, and leg sections possible. Those sections are easily accessible from either side of the table.
  • Foot/hand controller makes adjusting the table height as easy as can be. Includes a lockable safety mechanism.
  • A complete range of accessories is available to suit every patient need.

Chattanooga Triton 6M Traction Table Specifications

  • Main Power: 120 V - 50/60 Hz.
  • Power Cord: US/CDN.
  • Current: Max 2A with 120V.
  • Dimensions:
    • Total: 90.5 x 37 x 31 inches.
    • Head/Back Section: 28 inches.
    • Middle Section: 8.6 inches.
    • Pelvic Section: 10 inches.
    • Leg Section: 30 inches.
    • Width: 27.5 inches.
  • Adjustment:
    • Height: 19 - 37 inches.
    • Angle Inclination:
      • Head Section: 15° to + 40°.
      • Pelvic Section: 0° to 15°.
      • Leg Section: 0° to 45°.
    • Displacement: Leg Section 4 inches.
  • Dynamic Lifting Capacity: 440 lb.
  • Maximum Workload: 605 lb.
  • Patient Weight: 363 lb.
  • Electrical Safety Class: Class I, Type B.
  • Safety Tests: CE, Class I rule 12.
  • Table Weight: 428 lb.
  • Average Shipping Weight: 484 lb.
  • Shipping Dimensions: 92.5 x 37.4 x 31.5 inches.

Chattanooga Triton 6M Traction Table Colors

  • #4769M108US: Black.
  • #4769M102US: Blue.
  • #4769M119US: Imperial Blue.
  • #4769M106US: Grey.

Chattanooga Triton 6M Traction Table Accessories

The Chattanooga Triton 6M Traction Table is commonly purchased with the:

  • #371208: Chattanooga Stabilisation Belt (Black).
  • #371308: Chattanooga Kaltenborn Wedge - Black.
  • Chattanooga Traction Supports Round (2 pieces).
  • Chattanooga Saunders Cervical Traction System.

Chattanooga Triton 6M Traction Table Literature

Chattanooga Triton 6M Traction Table User Manual

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