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What Are Specula?

Specula are handheld instruments that are designed to be inserted into the vagina and retract the tissues. With a more clear view of the cervix, a caregiver can diagnose physical problems in the canal or cervix, or take biopsy samples. These specula come in a variety of shapes and sizes to better fit your practice’s needs.

Why Specula Are Important

Specula are essential in the diagnosing and treatment processes of abnormalities in the cervix and vaginal area of the reproductive system. When a specula is inserted into the vaginal area, the sides can be gently retracted manually to get a clear view of the cervix and vagina for treatment and analysis. Thanks to these devices, OB/GYN caregivers can give the best care and treatment.

Types of Specula

MFI carries specula of all types, where users can determine what material is best for their practice, as well as whether they want disposable or reusable units.

Reusable vs Disposable

Depending on the practice’s methods, there are both reusable and disposable speculum options available. Reusable specula are easy to sterilize and are available with non-conductive coating for safety. Disposable specula are designed for one-time use for hygienic purposes and can often be purchased in bulk.

Speculum Shapes

The trusted brands of specula that MFI carries include Bovie, Wallach, and Welch Allyn. Each brand features innovative designs with easy-to-use functions, while maintaining the familiar and time-tested duckbill construction. Some of the specula models available are four-sided, instead of two, which prevents side tissues from obstructing the caregiver’s view.

Endocervical Speculum

An endocervical speculum is an instrument that allows the endocervical canal to be viewed more accurately. The speculum can be inserted deeper into the canal than a standard duckbill speculum, allowing for deeper tissue retraction.

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