Medical Lights and Accessories

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Types of Medical Lights Available

MFI carries many types of medical lighting to suit the needs of multiple specialties. Take a quick look at these types and the major differences between them.

  • Headlights: These are smaller lights that can be fixed to the clincian’s head with wraparound straps. Provides seamless light for precise treatments and procedures.
  • Ophthalmic Lights: These are typically known as penlights, which are handheld and can be easily transported in pockets.
  • Intubation Lights: Intubation lights are small and lengthened, typically on a handheld rod.
  • Exam Lights: Exam lights are ideal for minor treatment rooms and diagnostics, with some models enabled for laboratory use. These are powerful, but small-statured lights, and are the most diverse in shape and size.
  • Surgery Lights: For those who need powerful, large-frame lights for operating rooms, surgery lights are the best option. These are wide-set lights that offer unparalleled light intensity.

Which Light Best Suits Your Practice?

While these medical lights are not specific to any one medical specialty, they have a variety of situational uses. Headlamps and surgery lights are best suited for finite work in the operating room or emergency response centers, where bright, unobstructed light is needed. Exam lights are more versatile, with a wide light range and the mobility to be transported around a clinic. Intubation and ophthalmic lights are designed for more close inspections and diagnoses. All of the lights that MFI carries come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so feel free to explore our catalog to find the light that best fits your unique practice.

Accessories and Replacement Bulbs

MFI Medical not only carries advanced medical lighting, but also the replacement bulbs and accessories necessary to keep your lights running smoothly. Accessories include light controls, cables, mounting hardware, backup batteries, replacement handles, and more.

Check Out Our Latest Promotions

MFI Medical works closely with the brands you trust to bring you the latest technology for your medical specialties. Check out our Specials page for the latest deals and promotions on medical products you need. These can include medical lighting and accessories, so take a look.

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