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Masimo excels in the areas of patient monitoring, pulse oximetry, and sensors. Their products are designed to integrate with each other, making tracking patient vital signs a seamless process.

Patient Monitors

The Root is an advanced patient monitoring and connectivity platform. Unlike traditional patient monitors, the Root is highly customizable and can be paired with IV pumps, ventilators, beds, and other patient monitors. With docking capabilities for the Radical-7 handheld monitor or Radius-7 patient-worn monitor, an instantly interpretable display, and multiple networking/connectivity options, Root integrates multiple streams of data and simplifies patient care workflows, empowering caregivers to help make quick patient assessments throughout the continuum of care.

Pulse Oximeters

The Masimo Radical-7 Pulse Oximeter leverages Masimo's noninvasive measurements with functionality designed to automate the process of care and enable clinicians to adapt to changing monitoring needs in individual patients and care areas.

The MightySat Rx is a small, fingertip oximeter. Despite its size and affordability, it performs multiple monitoring functions including Perfusion Index, Signal IQ, and Oxygen Saturation. In keeping with Masimo's spirit of integration, the MightySat comes with an optional free download of Masimo's Professional Health App. The app can be downloaded to compatible smart devices and communicates with the MightySat via bluetooth, displaying measurements in graphs or numbers. This helpful tool makes it easy to recognize trend data and adjust treatment plans accordingly.


Masimo also makes sensors which can be used with their other products.

The Masimo LNCS Single Patient SpO2 Sensor is comfortable, durable, reliable, and available in a variety of sizes and configurations. The integrated cable means that the sensor is even simpler to set up while remaining fully disposable. It is compatible with all Masimo SET/Nellcor DB9 9-pin connectors.

For a reusable sensor, look to the LNCS Reusable SpO2 Sensor. It has the same compatibility as the disposable version, but can factor in to be a more cost effective option in the long run.

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