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The iiSM VPism-C Vein Probe - Compact Unit is a compact, non-invasive infrared device to view blood vessels just beneath the skin. Includes a camera, touchscreen display, connector cable, power supply, camera stand, gooseneck arm, and instruction manual.

Warranty: 1 Year.

This handheld, portable device is lightweight and includes the touchscreen and camera with attached clip. The camera can be removed and handled by hand, or can clip to the touchscreen unit for a hands-free experience. The back of the device also has a kickstand, so that physicians can stand the device on its own. The VPism-C can also be mounted to an armrest, if a patient needs to be stationary, or attached to a SLism-F Specialized Light Source for patients with deeper vessels.

This device can be a vital tool in providing accurate placement of injections or other vascular treatments, such as for varicose veins. The infrared video shows the location of the veins and capillaries in real time, as well as save images for further discussion or diagnosis. For patients who have difficult-to-find veins, this device will save them from incorrect or painful injection sites. 

iiSM VPism-C Vein Probe - Compact Unit Features

  • Reveals subcutaneous blood vessels and capillaries for observation.
  • Up to 4x magnification.
  • User-friendly, portable device with touchscreen.
  • Battery lasts up to 1.5 hours.  

iiSM VPism-C Vein Probe - Compact Unit Accessories

  • #SLism-F: Specialized Light Source.
  • #SLism-N: Nose-Specialized Light Source.
  • #Support_pads: Hygienic Support Pads for Armrest.
  • VPism-C Armrest.

iiSM VPism-C Vein Probe - Compact Unit Media and Literature

iiSM VPism-C Vein Probe - Compact Unit Brochure

iiSM VPism-C Vein Probe - Compact Unit User's Manual

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